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Fotga Nikon G to m4/3 adapter
  • I have bought this one on Dx for 20$ something, shipped from Hong Kong.

    If you need any more details read on.

    When I attached Tokina 11-16 to it, first thing I noticed is very tight fit, no wobble at all, between lens and adapter, and between adapter and GH2 as well. That is the only good thing about it.

    Lens does not focus to infinity, actually it does not focus at all, somewhere in the middle the focus scale it does, but it is useless. Than I measured it and it is 0.8mm smaller than the Voigtlander Nikon F - m43/ that I have.

    Then I tried to hack/fix the adapter. I have made some kind of nano washers, drilled tiny holes in pieces of metal around 0.5mm thick and inserted them on small screws in between lens mount ring and adapter body. That way I've increased flange distance to the point where lens could focus to infinity (and beyond :)).

    But the small screw in the adapter that pushes the aperture lever of the lens now got 0.5mm above the lever, so I had to push something on that too to make it working.

    After that I proudly attached the lens and gotten outside only to find out that I have enormous light leaks inside the adapter. The pin that holds Nikon lens has a HOLE to clear it's lever when pushing it. When the pin gets in the lens, hole gapes open. Great thing for lens whacking light leaks experiments.

    Then I wrapped some velcro cable ties around, to prevent light from entering the adapter.

    Aperture control ring on the adapter is off by few degrees, so it does not reach it's lock position at 'open' side. So i had to unscrew the lens from the adapter for few degrees to allow that ring to open the aperture all the way. So the lens does not click to the adapter, but that tight fit and cable ties hold it quite well.

    Now it works.

    What a waste of money and time.

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  • Bravo. You made it :)

  • Move to existing topic

    Btw, no need to call something "crap" and state "don't buy it" as not single version of Fotga Nikon adapter exist and even for same version cheap adapters are sometimes quite different.

    Also, show images of all your issues and "modifications".

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