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Post-Prodocution Workflow GH2>After Effects>Twixtor>Final Cut Pro
  • Hi All,

    I am in need of a little guidance regarding my workflow options for an upcoming project I will be shooting on a Panasonic GH2.

    Footage from my GH2 is in the .mts format/AVCHD codec and my usual workflow is to use FCP's 'log and transfer' function to convert the footage to ProRes, for editing in FCP. I usually also archive each SD card as back up.

    However, I am wondering whether there is a better method for this project, which will involve heavy use of the Twixtor plugin in After Effects. My initial instinct was to transcode the raw files into ProRes via FCP as per usual and then import these ProRes files into After Effects for processing. But I wonder whether I would be better of editing the .mts files directly in After Effects before exporting for FCP. My understanding is that this method involves one less re-compression and should theoretically result in less artifacts.

    I am also unsure about what the most efficient codec for exporting from After Effects to bring back into FCP.

    My ultimate goal here is to preserve quality and minimise re-compression artifacts.

    Any help would be much appreciated!

    Cheers. J