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Isola Rossa - short short
  • This is a very short short. I'm not a plus member on Vimeo, so you'll have to click through and watch it over there at Vimeo in HD.

    I've made this on my first visit to one of the 22 islands in the archipelago here - the Red Island. I wanted to see what kind of footage can I come up with while going somewhere for the first time, on foot, with no extra gear, just handheld camera.

    Lumix GH2 with Lumix 14-140mm + ColorGHear.

    Honest criticism is welcome, better yet mandatory :)

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  • The initial exterior stuff was drop dead gorgeous. Good grade.

  • Beautiful exteriors! I liked the shot of the leather chairs too. Did you change the white balance at the last second (1:21) on that close up shot of the columned building? Just thought I noticed. You did do a nice job on the grading as artiswar said. I enjoyed this.

  • I think the adjustment layer in AE wasn't stretched appropriately :D my bad, I noticed it but I really didn't want to wait 30 minutes for another render.

    I'll try to do more of these run and gun tests, for practice.