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Portable telescopic jibs, cranes
  • Discovery Cam Portable Jib, Alu







    Video demo:


    • Arm length - 205cm
    • Packaged length - 75cm
    • Minimum radius - 47cm
    • Maximum radius - 120cm
    • Max operational height - 290cm
    • Min operational height - 20cm
    • Counterweight ratio - 1:2
    • Max load - 3.5kg
    • Net weight of jib - 1.7kg
    • Tripod and head must be designed for 5-8kg load

    Available at our deals:

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  • Hi!

    Really cool portable!

    Does anyone have already tested out this portable crane? Possilbly you, Vitaliy?

    Does it come with the (ugly) blue colored rings for assembling or does it come with the pure black design like shown in the video? Black would be fine!

    Regards Kai

  • Just received the portable jib. Very good piece of kit. Does what it says on the tin. Smooth action, light and portable. Friendly and fast supplier. Sent mine on Christmas Eve :) Thanks a lot Vitaley. We will be ordering more :)

    @Kai Came with the blue rings but I find them quite cool. Matter of personal taste I guess. Bottom line is you can quickly and easily add dynamics to almost any shot. It's about half the weight of our tripods and assembles in seconds.

    Highly recommended - a steal at this price.

    rgds geoff

  • Has any used/reviewed this thing yet? I have tried looking around to get some other insight, but no luck so far.

  • @kingmixer

    Check for deals topic.

  • @Vitaliy_Kiselev, there may be a typographical error are the weights of the two jibs correct CF 1.8Kg Aluminium 1.7Kg. I am not trying to be picky, I am curious, this thing is making my wallet itch.

  • @kavadni

    Nope, it is data from manufacturers. CF weight slightly more but takes more load.

  • @Vitaliy_Kiselev I suspected that would be the answer, knowing your meticulousness, but had to check :)

  • @kavadni

    Again, I provide that manufacturer told me. 1.55kg is weight of other similar jib.

  • Carbon Pro Portable Jib, Crane




    • Arm length - 235cm
    • Packaged length - 85cm
    • Minimum radius - 55cm
    • Maximum radius - 140cm
    • Max operational height - 310cm
    • Min operational height - 20cm
    • Counterweight ratio - 1:2
    • Max load - 3.5kg
    • Net weight of jib - 1.55kg
    • Tripod and head must be designed for 5-8kg load


  • My Discovery Cam portable Jib arrived on Friday and I was just able to pick it up. Fast delivery, well packed, took a few moments to setup. Initial impressions even without having purchased a weight yet tell me that the thing is going to be far smoother than I'd dared hope. Best part is it packs into a small bag and is quite light (I've got to hike into the jungle with it.) Detailed review, soon.

  • Very rough test below. My impressions are that the thing works great and is certainly easy to carry and setup. On the big screen I am seeing stability issues in some places, but I've got a couple moments where things sing that convince me if I learn to properly balance and use the thing it will get spectacular results. More work with it and a serious edit as part of a larger video, as well as a write-up with findings are coming.

    password: test

  • @kellar42 Looks pretty darn good to me, especially for such a cheap alternative. I do see a few of the spot you were talking about but I'm sure that will get better with practice, just like a glidecam.

  • Hey Kellar42, how long did it take for it to arrive after ordering? I'm just curious, and getting antsy for mine myself.

  • @vicharris Thanks, and yes, on performance, exactly, practice is required, plus I'm getting into more shots here and cutting some more and already finding quite a bit of useable stuff. This was the first morning of many a b-roll foray.

    Delivery time is tough for me to calculate as it was shipped to Miami by the seller and then it takes longer for me to get it in Panama through my service and I stop paying attention, but I think it was 5-6 days from the seller, originally.

  • Ah, so that was Panama. That was my next question. Cool but sad place.

  • Hi i am very interesting by Discovery Cam Portable Jib, but i don't understand difference between models, weight is almost same between models. Can you help me ?

  • @gabilourson

    Difference is not big. Carbon Pro is better made and lightest, so has highest price :-). From two others you can just get carbon one, as it is cheaper.

  • Ok i take pro ! Thanks

  • @vicharris actually that was one un-repaired area of the colonial neighborhood, just hit by a fire, the rest of which has been mostly restored now to it's former glory. (Architecture has to stay the same, but get fixed up.) I am making a video of the site as is before it gets turned into an Art museum designed to rival MOMA in New York. Turn the other way, and this is Panama:

    Back on topic, I think obviously the key is learning to use different balance in different situations better. I am looking for another clamp similar to the one that comes with the jib, as right now, using gym weights, I can only lock the weights between the screw-on handle in back and the clamp in front in a position that gives the camera a positive lift, which is good for some shots, but not all. When I balance it in a horizontal position there is potential for the weights to move around if I lift up and down. Getting them dialed in better and locked in place is key.

    Once there I think obviously the tripod is a big deal. Most the stutter on the shots I've done so far comes from the panning in my Manfrotto 501. Maybe a tad of wobble in windy situations when the thing is fully extended and balanced and stationary.

    In New York I worked on the apartment video below with a $10,000 Jib, and I think once dialed in there is nothing preventing me from getting similar shots from the Discovery Cam. Bit of a ramble here but I'll see if I can grab some photos of the setup and balancing process.

    1200 x 888 - 1M
  • Got to have some fun with this yesterday, (see one minute and later below).

    Turns out I wasn't balancing properly. If you lock the weights in position at the end of the rear pole you can adjust balance by extending or collapsing the rear pole to suit. There are marking numbers for the purpose of remembering the position. I left my loupe on the camera and the bit of added weight plus good neutral balance made a huge difference in performance. Liking it.

  • @kellar42 - Nice looking footage there. Just wondering how much weight you found this jib can take. You have the Aluminium version is that right?

    It's rated as 3.5KG max, does this mean up to 3.5KG (camera only) or up to 3.5KG (camera plus counter weight)?


  • Hi @arknox, thank you, I can't comment on what the manufacturer's specs are meant to cover, but I've got 3 five pound weights for counter-weight purposes so I doubt they are meant to be included. Recently in the field I used a GH2, Kit 14-140 with LA7200 and didn't bother taking my Varavon Loupe off, so it made for a pretty solid package on the front.

  • Sounds like it can take more than enough. Thanks for the info.

  • @arknox

    As for carbon ones, guys tested them with 5kg weights, they can hold even it.