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Hacked GH2 Works GREAT for Corporate Videos! MY EXAMPLES
  • Hey guys!

    Been watching this forum for a long time and decided it's time to share some of what I've been doing with Vitaliy and Driftwood's magic patches.

    Here's a corporate interview style video shot using the older Orion v4 patch I think it was.

    And here's a more recent one with Cluster v6 Drew Net.

    Both videos were done with green screens, two fluro lights and a reflector for a basic three-point lighting setup on the subject, also using a rode lapel mic recording to a Zoom H1. Lens is just the standard 14-42mm.

    I am simply blown away with the results. I've made sure to donate in return. Thanks guys!

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  • What do you think about writing something about interview shooting and techniques for beginners?

  • what more stable all modes video??

  • Well that proves you can do kickass green screen work with the GH2. Case closed. Well done sir, well done.

  • @Luke Looks fully professional to me. Thanks for posting. I don't know if you've fully searched this site for green screen posts, but I recall some guys talking about what settings (patches) they felt worked best. Seems like you've got it down though.

    I guess for anyone wondering how flexible this cam is for high level work, we've seen good green screen, we've seen good wedding, good narrative filmmaking, and good documentary work. Can't beat GH2 for price. To beat it, you need a lot more money.

  • Perhaps I could do Vitaliy :-)

    Thanks for the kind words vicharris and matt. The GH2 is simply a miracle thing.

  • Hi Luke,

    Pls what software did you use for keying and which project settings? Did u transcode the footage? or edit natively? What Nle?



  • Great work, very professional .

  • Dougo, I transcoded with Final Cut Pro to ProRes422, then just used the program's standard Chroma Key filter.


  • I love how complicated people make the keying and greenscreen work on this camera with all sorts of programs and you come along and do some of the best work I've seen on here with the normal tools. Once again, hats off.

  • Luke - it looks magnificent. I love that you probably did this with total gear costing under $1500 ( if I'm doing my math right. ) Too many times, (and it's preached time and time again on various blogs) people think they have to have the latest and greatest to get the job done. In this case, this is pure testament to talent first, gear second. Very well done and I'm sure you're bound to get more work! Keep it up!

  • Thanks very much :-) I really appreciate it.

  • Proper green screen is all about lightning. There is nothing magical in it. GH2 works really well and so do many other cams. Real tallent come in post after keying. Really nice work.