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GH3 Timecode
  • I'm curious about the timecode features of the GH3. Is it possible to accept or receive timecode to/from another device? Or does the camera just record its own clock time? It's most useful if I can sync time to an external recorder.

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  • Looking at the pdf manual, there seem to be no physical in or outs for t/code. Would be great if eventually we could get a t/code output using the camera's wi-fi..

  • Something like these apps would be good with the wi-fi. Ill be asking Pany next week if they will 'open it up'.


  • In the video about the WiFi app, there seemed to be a "sync time" function, which I imagine would sync the time on the camera to what is being used on the mobile device. If true, then that would allow an iPad with Movie Slate to put visual timecode onto the picture... but that's not very useful, is it?

    Having timecode is really only useful if we can use it to lock multiple devices together. I suppose that several GH3s could each receive the same timecode sync from a mobile device and simplify a multi-camera shoot, at least in terms of the video. For me, I'm most interested in figuring out a way to jam sync from an audio recorder or master clock so that I can easily marry double-system capture.

  • The only menu options appear to be whether you record time of day, or record run t/code. Slaving to an external t/code signal I would think would involve xtra hardware, not just a code re-write :(

  • I have a more fundemental question - how do you access this time code in post?

  • It will be embedded in the metadata when you import. So instead of every clip starting at zero, you'll have unique t/code for each clip. Easy.

  • Just checked on my UK GH3, when I try to input time code it is only allowing 24 fps, when I am recording 50fps, can others check this.... It appears to be only able to time code at 24fps

  • @PhilC the same here, seem TC should be used only at 24p

  • That's pretty useless