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Help with a contest for a sport you might never have tried before.
  • I entered a video contest for Misty Mountain Climbing. A link to the video I entered is below. If you want to help me out then please click on the picture at the link below and then "like" the picture on Facebook.

    Here is the video that I entered.

    This isn't a contest that will make me famous or anything like that. It is just for a bag O swag(AKA gear). However, it is a great way to show people what climbing is all about. If you are like me then your kids are probably climbing all over your house and furniture. Try taking them to your local climbing gym where they will have a lot of fun and where it is much safer for them to do this natural activity.

    I was deathly afraid of heights my entire life because my parents were always so afraid I would fall off something. I never even climbed trees when I was a kid because I had such an intense fear of heights. Then when my son was 5 years old he looked up at a 40 foot wall and said "Dad, that is what I want to do". Little did I know that what he really meant was "Dad that is what I want to do the rest of my life".

    For someone that is that terrified of heights the thought of climbing a 40 foot wall is almost unbearable. However, I realized that I must overcome that fear in order to teach my son not to fear it. I overcame my intense fear of heights so that I could enjoy the sport my son loves so dearly and I have been climbing right there with him ever since. Needless to say my son definitely lacks a fear of heights.

    Here is another video showing what the youth climbing competitions in the US are like. If you have any questions about where the closest place to climb is for you just ask and I will try to help you out.

    This was shot entirely with a hacked GH2. I used the No adverse affects settings because I just can't have any write errors at all with these live events that you only get one take for.

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  • looks great. Climbing is something I want my 5yr old to try. He does gymnastics currently and isn't a big team sports kid but loves to climb anything when I turn my back. I figured climbing might be a good outlet for him and have a gym near me that has kids programs.

  • It's a small world.

    I live about 15 minutes from Hound Ears.

  • @jpbturbo

    Hound Ears is such a wonderful neighborhood. I just wish I could afford a place there. My son would never come down off that mountain if we lived near there.

    Have you ever done the Hound Ears competition? It is a wonderful event.

  • @RatLabProductions

    My son tried Baseball, Basketball, soccer, and my favorite sport running before he discovered climbing. He just didn’t want to play team sports. Ironically, the climbing team is more of a team than any of the teams he was on before.

    Age doesn’t seem to matter on my son’s climbing team. They all climb together and enjoy the comps together.

  • @mpgxsvcd

    I've never gone rock climbing.

    I live over in Banner Elk and I work for Lees-McRae College. The college has a competition climbing team and a climbing club,

    My 3yo and 2yo love climbing on anything they think they can hold on to. The college climbing team does kids climbing sessions pretty regularly. It might be something I need to check out.

  • @jpbturbo

    Definitely take the kids over there to climb some time. I bet they will have a lot of fun just trying it.

  • Liked! I've always loved your videos.