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transcoding from AN settings into 5DtoRGB gives a black file
  • Hi guys, i have this problem since i started using any of the AN settings, and i have tried them all. The file i get from 5DTORGB is black, no video, audio only, while on Aunsoft Video converter comes out clean. NOn of these ever happened before with any other hack settings i have used, up to Sedna. trouble is started with the AN settings: 444Nebula soft, Nebula soft2, Boom and Intravenus My parameters: 24P High, manual mode, smooth -2-2-2-2, manual lens Slrmagic 12/1,6
    I am using a mac pro intel quadcore 2006 , 10.6.8 OS, 16Gb RAM, FCPX 10.0. I attach also screen shot of the 5DtoRGB settings.

    Anybody has a hint? All of these setting on camera and mac i was using same before, with all patches up to Sedna, and never had these black files. Thanks for any suggestions. I am really stuck!

    I am trying to upload the .mov file i get from 5DtoRGB but system rejects it. It's only 4Mb..what should i do? I thought you might want to have a look at the file

    Screen shot 2012-10-18 at 17.17.26.png
    939 x 517 - 112K
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  • Try updating/reinstalling your codecs?

  • Suggest to use 5DtoRGB topic

  • Oops. sorry, i thought this could be related to the An patch. Thank you Vitaly

  • @BlueBomberTurbo ehmm what codecs you mean?

  • Well, I use a PC, so I'm not sure how it works on a Mac. I needed to install certain codecs to read/encode certain file types, and to use 5DtoRGB, I had to install Quicktime (and all its bloatware -___- ). It's possible something may have been corrupted, so it never hurts to reinstall stuff.

  • Quicktime is a mac native application, i have it there

  • Anyone has a hint?

  • i have the same issue