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F Stop Flame
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  • @aki_hartikainen

    You are a luddite now? Technology changed too, and what you're talking about, analog vs digital, has changed quite a bit in the last 30 years...

  • @RRRR "Who says they have to be of the same size?"

    My monitor, for example.

  • @tmcat "Technology changed too"

    Technologies come and go. It is never a bad idea to try to develop understanding of the principles that technologies are built upon.

  • @aki_hartikainen but they are the same... Take an image on a 5D with a 50mm at F2.8 and take one with a 25mm f1.4 on a GH2, set the iso to the same value, and tell me which one is brighter.

  • Fucking hell, it´s like talking to a log. Original size of a crop sensor is obviously smaller than a full frame sensor, if the sensor is similar in property. You can´t possibly require the smaller image to be rescaled up to the larger! That only has any bearing whatsoever if you actually plan to scale up the image past the original size! In other words, what you plan to use the image for.

    Of course it has merit in a discussion for intended use; but for the discussion on sensor size and light it has no merit whatsoever.

  • And again, when talking about enlargers for making copies, you are on thin ice. You are talking about a device which is yet another lens, basically a zoom in this instance. This is quite different from digital scaling. Have you seen your photo getting dimmer/brighter when re-sizing in Photoshop?

  • @RRRR Photoshop resizing. thank you!

  • Um, I am too lazy to read the entire thread ..

    Open the window, let the light in .. Put a piece of white paper 6 inches square and a piece of white paper 3 inches square, in the light .. equidistant from the window .. take a spot meter reading from each piece of paper ..

    There is your answer :)

  • That is not the issue at all. They will be the same because the engineers adjusted the outputs within spesifications. They would not be the same without doing so.

    I would have to adjust brightness if I used a focal reducer if I wanted the same brightness, for example. How is this different from having different crop in the camera?

  • @aki_hartikainen It is totally different and it has already been explained about 50 times.

  • @aki_hartikainen is a noob and a snob. That's all. I don't care what he says.

  • @kavadni "take a spot meter reading from each piece of paper .."

    You would get the exposure right for the negatives.

    Next produce same size prints of the different size negatives using the same development. Will the prints still be the same all else being equal? We will be looking at the prints, not the negatives.

  • You know Canon EOS-M is coming soon. This site might get bombarded by those retards like @aki_hartikainen. Let's get used to it.

  • @stonebat -takes note, starts waiting for rockwell to join.

    not to compare the two obviously; Ken knows how cameras work.

  • @aki_hartikainen .. I have no idea what your trying to say .. my point is the footcandles/lumens/lux will be identical.

  • @aki_hartikainen is banned for one month for not reading warnings.

  • @kavadni don't you get it? he's a troll. he's not here to listen to you. stop wasting your time.

  • Topic will be cleared soon.

  • Phew, I feel lucky, as I said I was too lazy to read it all .. not sure what it was.
    And I gonna read it all even though I am curious

  • If I take a piece of 100 ISO film and cut it in half, is it still 100 ISO?

  • LOL, well put @balazer. I sincerely hope aki was a troll. If not, he has got to be one of the most misinformed and thick-skulled people I have run into on a message board.

  • Nobody wants to buy one of my special light meters with special settings for m43/s35/FF? I decided I will throw in medium format switch for free. It will meter all of the common sensor sizes. I have a guy who used to work at Oakley designing it. It's based on Sekonic but I will glue on a switch for m43/s35/FF and also Medium format. For $150 more I will include "auto" switch that senses what camera you are using without any switch for sensor size, yet it will be 100% accurate because it is designed by an Oakley guy so optics are superb.

  • Can you make it calculate DOF on cropped sensors, @chazzmoe?

  • @Sangye Yes! Special Oakley "overlay" Matte will show you dof. Thinking about adding ISO calculator switch. It would actually convert ISO between Fuji 160 Kodak 160 speed film and ISO of a gh2 at ISO 160. If you want Tungsten ISO's too that will be extra sorry but this is high tech stuff involving Oakley engineers

  • Weird conversation. Like entering the Twilight Zone.