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Extreme wide resolution video (3840x1080@24p)
  • Using 2 cameras (GH1-GH2) side by side making this extreme wide resolution video (3840x1080@24p). Didn't have time for color correction. So this is just a test! Watch original quality view setting although youtube compression won't let you enjoy it on full resolution. If you want to watch this clip on full scale, you will need 2 monitors Full HD on landscape mode. For some of you would seem ridiculous but I would like to know if someone has tried this before. The test itself is very poor executed and poor equipment, I just did it in 5 minutes. Didn't have the same lenses or the same cameras. Is there a program like making photo panoramas but for videos as well? Will this be as good as anamorphic solution wide images? Let me know about your thoughts. Cheers!!!

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  • With perfectly matched cameras , lenses etc it might be doable.. in projection screen they do double wide and used hardware/software to stitch the edges together in real time.. for a at home attempt export the sequence as images and then use panorama software to stitch it together each frame then re import as a image sequence.. then figure a way to automate the process.. watching this on my 27" image (largest res monitor I have) I can see the potential of it... but getting it perfect will be a challenge.

  • It´s certainly doable, but essentially you need to set it up like a stereoscopic rig, side by side.. Calibrate, and keep alignment.

    (easy) full res delivery would be for the future though.. when we get 4k tv´s.

    I´d like to do some tests with this, but my hunch is it won´t be easy to use for cinematic work as the angle of view / lens distortion (and other optical features) creates some problems with objects near and far (and adjusting accordingly).

    It would be pretty cool to use it for things happening in vistas though, like large open landscapes with some stuff going on in the far distance: