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Commercial / promo for Sagene, Oslo, Norway - flow motion hack

    Welterwerk Filmkompani recently shot this short promo for Sagene, a district of Oslo, Norway. Shot exclusively on our hacked GH2. Zeiss glass! :) Time was short, and the budget was ridiculously low - but we’re quite happy with the result.

    The rain-like, diagonal noise showed up in quite a few shots, but disappeared when transcoding in 5DtoRGB. Weird! Other than that, the GH2 - and the hack - performed like expected: top notch!

    Enjoy! And if you haven’t already, check out Welterwerks own promo video:

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  • Amazing images you pulled of the GH2 and Zeiss glass. Top notch as you said! Bravo.

  • thanks a lot!

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