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New Animal - "Falling Up" [Music Video]
  • Here's a music video I shot with my friends for an up & coming Atlanta band.

    Everything you see in the video is shot with water in front of the lens, sandwiched between UV filters. We varied the water level depending on the effect we wanted - sometimes quite subtle, other times really pronounced.

    All the daytime scenes are shot with Driftwood's Sedna 'A' patch and the night scenes are Canis Majoris 'Night'.

    Hope you guys like it.

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  • Nice job! Some notes:

    1. The look is unique, and I think usually fits the content really well!
    2. The band was lit in an interesting way, and I never got the feeling that they were "filler"... it was just enough of them.
    3. The snippet of story is interesting, and it, more than anything else, kept me watching whereas I normally get bored of music videos quickly.
    4. There were just a few shots, in which I thought the water-effect was a bit too much and maybe was distracting my attention.

    Overall, great job! :)

  • Great job @Oedipax!

    Nifty idea with the water.

    I concur with @qwerty123. The story kept me hooked. Too many music videos are just pretty pictures of pretty people prancing around in the woods/countryside with no story or any relation to the music.

    Editing the story to climax with the song was also solid.


  • I really liked the water effect, too. It has a great look.

  • @qwerty123, I agree about the water level in a few of the shots. It was a real learning curve and in particular once I saw the shots back with the water about halfway up on the lens, I didn't like the effect much and didn't do it anymore afterwards.

    It's funny to think how much time we spent going to different locations grabbing the story shots for the climax, but it sounds like it paid off because people really are getting invested in the story and the emotion of it.