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Quick Release solutions for One Camera and multiple Devices?
  • There are plenty of Quick release solutions available - but most involve some kind of vendor lock-in.

    This video doesn't help re a universal solution; like most, it simply encourages buyers to buy an entire matching set of devices. But at least it gets the one camera > many devices message across.

    Does anyone know of a solid DSLR system where you could ideally buy, say, Several Base Plates (AKA clamps) with (1) camera plate?

    That way, we'd have a camera plate on our camera, which stays on. There's a tripod waiting with a base plate assembly already attached; also a stabiliser, a shoulder rig and a triangle dolly - all with base-plates ready for truly quick attaching of the camera.

    Now, is that too much to ask, without buying a plethora of camera plates/base plate sets, each in its own blister pack?

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  • I decided to use the Manfrotto 501pl system. And buy only heads with this plate. The Arca Swiss style plates try to be a standard here you can find a list of compatible heads/plates from different companies:

    Another solutions are adapters like that one in the photo (61,99$) to put on top of the release plate of the stabilizer etc. In this Internet site there are for Manfrotto, Gitzo etc:

    300 x 300 - 27K
  • @Kihlian

    Thanks for the link to the cross-compatibility, of clamps and plates,

    I will never buy any device again without comparing its clamp to this list!

    (What, are they really all so patent-protected that each tripod manufacturer can't afford the compliance cost and goes out on their own?)

    If so, I'd like to see an open-source standard.

  • @goanna I started with the Manfrotto 701HDV after that mi gears increased I started to think about compatibility etc. but now I have 3 heads with the 501pl plate.. If you find out a good fluid head from the list let me know.

  • I won't be buying any fluid heads with un-removable clamps. My Miller tripods come with a flat alloy base. All my clamps will be removable.

    If I go with a standard design like as @Vitaliy_Kiselev is suggesting with the Manfrotto 501PL, I'd like a kit with, say, 5-10 adapter clamps, (at left) for all my tripods, skate dolly, stabilizer, car mount, Eye2Eye, Race Course tower, monopod, etc. But only 1 plate (at right) because I have only one GH2.

    It all comes down to price and speed.


  • I use Manfrotto 501pl and 504pl for everthing. Works great.