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Alternative for Manfrotto 577 Rapid Connect Adapter in rigs?
  • Incorporated into a straight rig, the Manfrotto 577 Rapid Connect Adapter just slightly offsets the camera from the the rods (see picture) so that they no longer line up in a straight line. It's a nuisance. Anyone know of a cheap Chinese alternative that accepts Manfrotto's standard 501PL plates that won't do this?

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  • It should fit. I have one that looks like your but a diff manufacture and the plate from my 316 head works just fine. That should be the same size as the 501PL?

  • @vicharris

    Reading back through my original post, I don't think that I did a very good job of explaining my problem. Apologies for the confusion. I have made some updates.

  • Is the picture that I attached not loading? Let me try to do it this way:

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  • ahhh. I bought the Giotto from amazon and it lines up straight. $20 cheaper than the manfrotto too.

  • Perfect! Thanks for your help.

  • Is it just me, or does the Manfrotto look like it is fine. Look at the red line you drew. It does not even line up with the other holes on the Manfrotto plate. I bet if you extend that line all the way to the top of your rig, you'll notice that it does not line up with the tightening screw on the handlebar rod.

    Loosen those two Allen bolts on that middle plate and adjust them to your rig; don't adjust your rig to the misaligned plate.

  • @muntus

    Using the handlebar tightening screw as the ultimate center, the non-Manfrotto plate is in alignment, but the Manfrotto is off by a few millimeters. It's hard to tell from the angle but the plate above the Manfrotto (where the line begins) is actually elevated two inches or so from the level of the Manfrotto. And looking at it now, I don't think that I was perfectly centered over top of the rig when I took the picture.

  • Just an FYI for anyone coming across the problem who has found this thread, the Giottos MH621 Quick Release Adapter is NOT compatible with Manfrotto 501PL plates. The Giottos plate is much wider than the Manfrotto.

    Also, I called Calumet because their quick release adapter IS compatible with the Manfrotto 501PL plate, but theirs does not address the alignment issue either.

    So, back to square one.

  • I'm using the Giottos also. I adapted my crutch tripods for them, shoulder rig and used an RC2 shoe on one so I can go back and forth with my lighter tripods.

  • Giotos 621 is aka Manfrotto 577/501 Giotos 631 is aka Manfrotto 357 However they are mess-up on ebay and even amazon. Old topic but still actual for same people. Make sure which one you buy before purchase.

  • There is also Calumet which also is a replica version of Manfrotto.