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GH17 and FCP7 import Questions
  • Sorry if not the right forum, and sorry if it's a stupid question but it's bugging me and searches aren't giving me any answers!!!

    Am importing footage into FCP7 from my hacked GH17. Shooting with 100mbps patch, AVCHD 1080p24. When i click on clips in my timeline frame size is 1920 by 1080, 23.98fps, and they fairly consistently have a Data Rate of 13MB/s. However, the timeline setting aspect ratio is always 1080i, and the clips all have a Field Dominance of 'Upper'. This means the footage is interlaced?

    Exported .mov of final sequence analyzed with MediaInfo shows the movie has a Bit Rate of 105mbps (variable), 1888 by 1062 aspect, 23.976 fps, and that the Scan type is 'interlaced'.

    So.. my questions are...

    1) How does the 13.5MB/s data rate in fcp relate to the 105mbps in final .mov? are MB/s and mbps the same units?? is the hack producing high bitrates for me? I appreciate it is variable and depends on footage.. but should be more than 13.5 given my footage? i have pre-hack (GH1) footage that MediaInfo shows as 85mbps in final movie, so am presuming that the 105mbps doesn't mean i am achieving the hack levels.

    2) What am i doing wrong at import? Why is my 1080p24 footage seen by FCP as interlaced and exported as such? even though i shoot in progressive, do i need to deinterlace at export form FCP?

    Again.. sorry if questions are stupid or not appropriate. am just a completely confused newbie!!