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Apocalypse Now 444 - 60s Commercial Promo | Comox Captivates
  • Hey guys! I was fortunate enough to be an early tester of Driftwoods Apocalypse Now using the beta version (C1) of cbrandons 444 matrix. (thanks Driftwood!) I was starting production on a 60sec promo in July and being a risk taker decided to deploy it into real work in the field. This promo is a small representation of the capabilities Apocalypse Now settings can give us. I used all vintage glass (takumar) and the 12mm hyper prime by Slr magic, Kessler pocket dolly, glidecam, and also shots on sticks. Put through the paces in static and motion shots, and pushed hard in CC in post. I had no need for spanning, making this a real winner for my style of commercial work. Music recorded using Logic 9. FCPX for post work. We have a great tool in the Gh2. It's seriously 'the little engine that could' Its own limitations are something to overcome with creativity. This is my second year making films and I want to encourage you all in this...that the limits of any camera cannot stop someone from creating great work. So load up, and head out! Cheers. Comments welcome.

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  • Really nice job Paul! Looks like it was done with a much more expensive rig! Great editing as well. Love the flares on the SLR shots. You really know how to use that lens. Did this beta version have a sharp or soft setting? One more question, which glidecam did you use?

  • Could I get the vimeo link for this? I'd like to pass it on to a marketing company in Denver. I can't get there from the above video.

  • Congrats! Very nice footage.

    @vicharris here you have the link man:

  • You're the man Paul! Always an inspiration :)

  • You can also Right Click on mouse to watch on Vimeo.

    Nice work!

  • @flaaandeeers Thanks man. @jleo Yep, I know that is a way but for some reason I couldn't get to it at the time.

  • @vicharris This was the original C1 444 version beta release so no softening or sharpening tweaks that I know of. I use the glidecam hd4000 which works well with a few extra weight plates on top. Thanks for your comments guys.

  • Very nicely done!

  • Wonderful work Paul @pchristoph and a terrific edit. Congrats.

  • love it,beautiful work.

  • thanks @Shishboombah. thanks @driftwood and good hunting in Chile!

  • Super stuff :)

  • @jleo Holy shit! I never knew that. I feel like a dumbass now! Thanks bro.

  • very nice, i recommend staying at shutter 1/50 and using nds, stuttery motion is not so nice

  • Really nice work here. Did you you use the vest & arm or just the glidecam on its own?

  • As others already noted, there are plenty of good production values in this. However, a plan for consistency in the grading and lens/shot type selection could be beneficial for the end product, so that the grading and shot types would help the story. That's just my thinking and not meant to take away anything.

  • thanks for the great comments guys. I appreciate your support. For the glidecam shots I set the shutter to 1/125th. @aki i appreciate your wisdom regarding consistency in the shot type/lens and grading. Great advice I will try and put to use.