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US: Charts again
  • chart_us.jpg
    626 x 453 - 55K
    624 x 436 - 57K
    621 x 460 - 48K
    619 x 545 - 63K
    622 x 551 - 55K
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  • There is a bright side to this ( besides I now understand why I soon cannot afford a GH3). Why would Toyota, BMW, Infinity and even EADS (Airbus) open a factory in the US. American workers are cheaper than those in Tokyo or Munich. In capitalistic phrasing, the US is getting more competitive. And that is the new equilibrium.

  • @subco

    It is not the shopping that caused debt. It is real problems and inequalities. Don't have manufacturing jobs inside the country - get more debt. More and more money goes to the top - most remaining guys get more debt (and as debt payments go to the same top guys, it make things even worse).