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'Apocalypse Now' Experimental Series 1 Thread - BOOM, Intravenus - cbrandin/driftwood AN Soft/Cinema
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  • @Driftwood for Nokton or soft wich is better ? ps: thanks for the great patch

    at the moment I am using soft and it runs super stable and has a great quality

  • @Lambo The Noktons are softer than Panys, but I prefer the soft patch even on soft lenses. Based on Nick's explanation it sounds like 444 Soft is closer to true 4:4:4, and my own tests (video coming soon) support that finding.

  • @lambo As it is a non-Panasonic lens (thus no lense correction & sharpening in camera) you will most likely be happy with the sharp version.

    One question to the makers of these wonderful new settings: The majority of users in here own one GH2 with some kit and some older lenses with adapters I guess? In case you want to make full use of the 444 soft matrix with your fancy (over) sharp pana lens but are not ready to change patch on every lens change: Is simply turning up sharpness an option? If yes, what value would you suggest? 0? Or even more?

  • @Sangye Thx i think so too

  • @Lambo I meant picture profile :). Sorry

  • @007geography No, there is zero difference between transcodes at 422HQ and 4444. Already tested it with AN 444.

  • @shian - I'm assuming you still don't find 5DtoRGB worthwhile even with AN444?

  • @Driftwood @onionbrain I loaded drewnet soft and decided to give it the ultimate test. I was supposed to video a biker get together tonight. The light is bad and erratic and it always gets......exciting. I couldn't believe my eyes when I reviewed the video.'re both fricking geniuses !!! You damn sure earned this donation! Standard -2 iso 1600 Samyang 85mm 1.7 1080-24. Exposing by eye for the highlights. 3 grabs

    1920 x 1080 - 2M
    1920 x 1080 - 2M
    1920 x 1080 - 2M
  • @artiswar I find it worthwhile when FCP decides it doesn't want to transcode or even recognize my hacked mts files. Which happens more often than not.

  • @shian Latest clip wrap seems to be transcoding ok with latest AN settings.

    @All Also, once again I suggest NEVER transcode straight from the SD card. Copy over the entire Private folder from the card to a named folder on your hard disk and import/transcode from there.

    With fcpx if you copy over the private folder to inside a suitably named folder (e.g. My Footage) when you import the private folder inside this named folder using Camera Import it will take that name (e.g My Footage) as the camera name - which is easy to remember when you come back to it at a later stage.

  • That 4x4 macro block has 3 distinctly different 2x2 combinations where default macro block has all identical 2x2 Bayer combination. Interesting. Sorta Fuji X-Pro1's X-Trans CMOS sensor's irregular color filter array concept. Superb. Kodos to Chris and Driftwood.

    But the luma info has been reduced to half? Any side effect?

  • @peternap Especially great images when you consider the issues with red and blue on the GH2. This setting impresses me more each time I use it.

    @Xenocide38 That was a nice note. I wish you well.

    @Meierhans Great question. Hopefully Driftwood or Brandin can answer you. My gut reaction would be to shoot "soft" and sharpen in post when necessary. But -- that's just my reaction -- and either of those two can give you the best answer.

  • Some crazy guy has a review up... :-)

    @Meierhans Everything was developed with -2 on sharpness in mind. I have found the sharpening in-camera to be somewhat overall aggressive and feel the sharp matrix compensates on a much tighter level controlling the hi frequencies.

    -1 is not too bad on 444 Soft, but personally prefer 444 Sharp over using it. You're welcome to experiment as everyone has their own preferences.

  • In this video, I compared Sedna AQ1 'A', Canis Majoris 'Night', Cluster V7 Nebula 444 Sharp & Soft, Cluster V7 DrewNet 444 Sharp & Soft, and an older experimental GOP1 220M patch. Part 1 is ungraded, Part 2 is gamma shifted to 6 in Premiere, and Part 3 is graded in Magic Bullet Looks. After Part 3, you will see graded 300% crops of Sedna, CM Night, and the four Cluster V7 patches side-by-side.

    In my opinion, the Soft versions of the two new Cluster V7 444 patches had the nicest highlight roll-off, while CM Night still held the best detail in the shadows. Particularly, I noticed substantially less macroblocking of ISO noise in the shadows on the leather jacket in CM Night, when compared to Cluster, Sedna, and especially the older 220M patch. I found it noteworthy that despite having nearly three times the bitrate as the new Apocalypse Now Cluster patches, the old GOP1 220M patch had far muddier shadows and in general looks bad in comparison. Goes to show how significant Nick and Chris's work on matrixes has been.

    On all shots, I used a Voigtlander 25mm f/0.95 lens, stopped down to f/8. Shutter speed was at 1/50s throughout, while ISO remained at 1,250 and WB was kept at 5200. The picture style for each shot was Smooth -2, -2, -2, -2.

    The light changed slightly in between patch installations, so take this with a grain of salt. Also know that you can't hope to get a remotely accurate idea of how these patches differ when watching on Vimeo. Downloading the original 1080p .MP4 file (encoded at 20Mbps) will give you a better picture, but better yet would be to do this yourself and compare the .MTS files natively.

  • @adamquesada smooth -2-2-2-2 no problem

  • @Sangye Wait till you see IntraVenus.

  • @driftwood That "network" guy makes me sick.

  • @driftwood can't wait to get my hands on it!

  • @driftwood - Does this suggestion to copy the entire private folder stand true if editing naive MTS in Premiere?

  • @artiswar Undoubtedly, Premiere Pro handles AVCHD raw the best. However, I would still copy over/backup the private folder first, especially as Premiere has the habit of writing back to the sdcard/private folder location* (*see inside the BDMV sub folder) some xml (xmp) metadata during import. Could cause corruption etc...

    Also if you drag / import an entire folder over to PP from sdcard - its going to need that location throughout the entire editing process unless transcoded immediately... in my opinion its better that its taken from hard disk unless its a small / quick project. Reading/playing back via SD cards is much slower than HDs/SSDs.

  • @driftwood - That's what I thought and what we do! Appreciate the hard work as always.

  • @Xenocide38

    Did you even white balance yr shots? The images look like they were shot in inverse colours. And if you want to test a camera, you should bother lighting the set, at least with three point lights. With your kind of conditions, not only do you do no justice to the hacks, even a camera like RED or BMC will look atrocious.

  • @driftwood @all I have released Valkyrie 444 TYPE-ZERO 'Apocalypse Now' with cbrandin 'Original 444 Matrix'. :-) This is a starting point to the last, and I am still during improvement of this.

  • @kazuo Inverse colors? Im not sure I fully understand. I did white balance the shot but I suppose the cfl bulbs i used to light the scene could be doing something screwy with the colors (forgive me, they are new and I'm still testing them as well). I used a 2 point light setup but next time I can throw an extra light in there so it's real 3 point lighting. I'm sorry for not doing justice to the hack, it was merely meant as a quick test, I will be posting further tests so people can get a good look at a variety of footage.

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