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GH2 Stalin samples topic
  • This thread is for samples from the latest GH2vk hack. They can be 1080p, 1080i, or 720p with any bit rate. You can post still frames or whole videos. Just try to post a stream parser screen shot of the first few GOPs as well so we can really see what is going on.

    Here is a 1920x1080 still frame taken while recording in 720p mode with the 32 mb/sec patch. There is also a still frame extracted from VLC while playing the video. I am quite satisfied with these results.
    720p Flowers.jpg
    1280 x 1024 - 409K
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  • Here are my sample pictures.
    1920 x 1080 - 1M
    Tree Tests00018.png
    1280 x 720 - 2M
  • Here some video tests:

    32 - 36 Mbit
    Sorry for shaking etc, but this shows stability in different shooting conditions
  • @feha Unless you're going to link to a video where the raw file can be downloaded (like Vimeo) don't bother. Youtube has very high compression and low bitrate. Much better to post (uncompressed) screeenshots instead if you want to show examples.
  • If anyone wants to share uncompressed video - you can use to instantly share very large files (download their Adobe Air client that work on any platform).
    Of course you need good connection as it uses p2p tech.
  • For encoder motion testing i have made High motion images, high iso, some dead on exposures some under exposures all during some motion. I basically tested just about most of the shots i can imagine an average user would have. Sorry for the extra texts in it, i may put it on my blog and talk about progress with the hack so some extra info is in there. If you don't full screen, it looks a lot like the mts, full screen there is what seems to be more noise than the original file but original is available to download so that fixes that..

  • Password is cbs13

    These were our 10 o'clock news topicals. The first 2 are shot with GH2 42mbps and the other 2 are shot with an EX1. The GH2 looks fantastic for broadcast. Password is cbs13.
  • gh2 44mb 1080p.png
    1920 x 1080 - 2M
    gh13 75mb 1080p.png
    1920 x 1080 - 2M
  • Cool, thanks. Nice job matching. Interesting that the dashed lines seem a bit sharper at the top of the hill on the GH1. What settings did you use for GH1?
  • Here is one more sample ...
    Showing gradients, i think 4.2.2 would solve this problem
    Look at sky ...
    Download mts file at vimeo

  • @alcomposer

    Hi, thank you.
    Yes I think this could be improved by setting right exposure , ISO etc ..
    I just wanted to test at it's extreme ... :-)
    Used 20mm 1.7 at 1.7 aperture exposure A and automated iso and shutter ...
    just to get the extreme changes in footage in order to check gradients ...
  • also buy a a camera that does 10 bit or better
  • @plasmasmp That really is a very revealing video. The differences are small enough that I could for example ascribe the variation to lens samples. I would be hard pressed to tell them apart except for the slightly stronger color in the GH2. I'm interested how you matched the camera settings so closely as I would like to use the GH1 and GH2 in tandem. TIA.
  • Here a few screen shots made with a 55W energy saving day light lamp. 14-42mm Kit-lens, 1/30sec, ISO400, AWB, AF. (sorry a 95% JPG again. But doesn't make a visual difference). Didn't touch GOP, just raised the bit rate.

    2Mpix Still:
    24p - 22Mbps
    24p - 32Mbps
    50i - 16Mbps
    50i - 32Mbps

    (click on "Vergrössern" for a 100% view)

    The AWB of the GH2 had some problems. In my opinion the 50i footage is a bit improved. 24p (if at all) slightly.
  • @EOSHD
    "Try testing the AVCHD Top / Low Bottom experimental patches?"

    what would be suggested values ?
    (i did not change these, except avhcd compression 1080i/50 to 32Mbps for end users)

    "When there's less detail the camera takes liberties and drops the bitrate ..."
    i think the reason is to reduce final file size ...
  • @ dreamer - I can't tell a difference other than the WB shift between 24p/32 and 24p/22
  • @Shield I can definitely see a difference in resolution between the two. Especially on the microphone, the wording on the lens, and the thread. If you want to notice an immediate difference, look at the soundcard in the back.

    EDIT: Whoops, nvm...I was looking at the 2Mpix Photo still. I wish detail resolved like that on the GH2 ;)
  • Can anyone do a comparison shot between 720p50/60 unhacked<=>hacked, please.
  • >> I was looking at the 2Mpix Photo still. I wish detail resolved like that on the GH2 ;)

    It is a GH2 still

    I also can see a difference by sliding. But what are we talking about? About "peanuts".
  • @dreamer

    it's a pity that you have not always focused at the same object.

    anyway thanks!
  • If i can be of any help in comparing footage please send me new firmware patches.
    I own two GH2's and one body will be used for firmware updating - it's waiting eagerly for the first stable hack with official settings! Are the versus-test hacked/unhacked yet?
  • You know, I'm pixel peeping everything I see and I'm still having trouble seeing the difference between stock bitrates and higher bitrates in most of these images.
  • @svart Agreed. In still frames it doesn't seem noticeably different, but in video files I've typically seen much less muddiness and pixelation in background images and items that aren't well lit.

    Although there is a huge difference IMO between progressive and interlaced stills.
  • @dreamer

    These are frames from a static still life scene. Of course you won't notice a lot of difference in 24p mode because GH2's codec already worked great in such scenarios because codec performance doesn't get challenged. But you'll see big improvements with moving image, pans, moving subjects etc. - real life situations. Also, higher bitrates serve for better postproduction, grading, CC etc. Big improvement again.
  • "If i can be of any help in comparing footage please send me new firmware patches.
    I own two GH2's and one body will be used for firmware updating - it's waiting eagerly for the first stable hack with official settings!"

    A comparison 720p50/60 unhacked/hacked would be really great!