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Strange rolling color lines
  • Not sure if this is a common issue that others have dealt with, but have noticed it a few times and it does record to the card this way, not an issue with the LCD. Can anyone tell me what going on here and how to correct it? In case it's hard to see, the background has rolling colored horizontal bars. This is suposed to be a solid gray wall, not with these brownish bars. Changing ISO didn't correct the issue. Thanks!

    Colored Lines In GH2.jpg
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  • Try changing your shutter speed. Depending on the lighting used, sometimes you may need to adjust your SS from 50 to 60 or vise versa.

  • I tend to find it happens when you're in crappy fluorescent lighting and using auto white balance. Generally a reboot of the cam plus manual white balance will fix it. Shutter adjustment may work too. Have had this with 7D, 60D and GH2 so it's not brand or model specific.