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Spec Commercials with good 'ole Quantum-X Orion. Mostly 60fps stuff...
  • It's pretty ridiculous. Shot with Quantum-X Orion. It's my favorite for 60fps stuff. It seriously looks like 1080p material from something like an EX3 when up-ressed...

    Oh here's another one too... shot all at night. 60fps Orion still looks great in low-light!

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  • The videos look super sharp, what were you settings in camera? And did you add any sharping in post?

  • Nope. All just 720p 60fps up-scaled in FCP. Mostly shot with the Sigma 30mm 1.4 wide open. Daytime shots used the Fader MKII variable ND filter. It's a great vari-ND. Highly recommended.

    The 720p 60fps from the GH2 looks like 1080p from most other cameras... :)

  • Haha that was hilarious! Awesome video!

  • Wow, that looks fantastic! Looked like a fun production too. I wonder how flomo or AN would hold up to up-ressing..

  • @bwhitz love the setup/payoff in the first commercial - both were awesome, funny, and well produced!

  • Wow, you almost forgot how good those early settings where.
    Specially when a video is so damn good.............

  • Thanks for comments guys!

    "love the setup/payoff in the first commercial"

    Oh nice... I'm glad because my only self-criticism is that in the first one, I thought the punch line should have come in a bit sooner. I still think to be more "viral" though (what the writer wanted), people need to realize it's a joke around the 10 second mark. The second one I like allot better with the 1-min cut I did.. it just plays a bit snappier.