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The 14-140mm can do indoor videos. I want the 35-100mm though.
  • I had the opportunity to shoot a climbing video in a well-lit climbing gym this weekend. Since the walls in this gym were much taller I decided to try the 14-140mm lens with its image stabilization instead of the 45mm F1.8 lens that I would normally use in this situation with a darker gym.

    The IS definitely helps. However, there are several sections where even the excellent IS in the 14-140mm couldn’t handle the massive shakiness of an over jubilant father’s hands. The Image stabilization is really intended to reduce or eliminate the micro shakes that are inherit in the human muscles as they constantly correct our balance.

    There simply isn’t enough travel in the stabilization system for it to account for large movements or swift panning. However, the upcoming 35-100mm lens is said to have a much better IS system. I hope to find out how much better it really is soon.

    I also applied some color correction and sharpness that I don’t normally do. Let me know what you think about it. Does the contrast and color look off to you? Also is there too much sharpness?

    The video was shot with the no adverse affects settings for stability with good quality. I absolutely could not afford a write error in this situation. The climbers only get 1 attempt at the route. If you miss the shot then you are just out of luck until the next year when they compete again.

    If any of you are climbing fans then this video is from the Division 3 youth D sport climbing finals. I am not sure what rating the route was. Harder than I could do is about all I know.

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  • This is 720p Full Auto video by the way. I would love to have shot it at 1080p with 30 FPS. However, I take pictures at the same time as I video and you can't do that with the GH2 and the 1080p modes. Hopefully, the GH3 will allow 1080p @ 60 FPS and still images.

    Since they only climb one route in the finals I want to get as many pictures as I can along with the video. The 720p @ 60 FPS also helps with the slow motion.

  • That's not a kid, that's a spider :o

    congrats, it's some really impressive piece of climbing, and the end jump was just spectacular.

    Video is great too, at no time does the shakiness disturb attention.... and colors look fine, maybe a tad saturated, but these climbing walls always look so dirty that some extra color does no harm :p

  • I thought it looked really smooth and good colors. When I first got the GH1 with 14-140, I was hesitant about ever using it indoors, though once I picked up the GH2 with its cleaner high ISOs, I found myself using the 14-140 inside a bit more often, when needed. Just a suggestion.. consider a Black Rapid setup for your cameras, as it's very easy to then have two cameras hanging off you. You can then have one with the 14-140, and the other ready with the 45 1.8 or any other lens combo.

  • Awesome!!! Love the last giant leaping. It ain't for faint of heart for sure.

    Yeap OIS is for handling micro jitters. Also zooming in and out shakes the camera, too. You'd need a DIY eyecup to press the eye against it or a cheap LCDVF to mitigate that.

    About 60p... I don't know. Why slow down the moment? Let it flow at the normal speed...

  • One thing I've found with the OIS on the 14-140, you have to start the pan slow, then speed it up slightly, then slow down again before stopping (easier said than done i know) but it smoothly breaks the ""lock"" that the OIS has on the frame and then the gradually slow down prevents a sudden lock at the end. I know what you mean thou, damn hard to do when your excited.

  • Lots of good recommendations there. I am going to check those out. What do you all think about the 35-100mm F2.8? Is that a lens you are interested in for video? I entered a contest with the video below to win a free admission to next year's race.

    A video that was much more professionally done and had much shallower depth of field won. I received honorable mention though. I wonder how much the compressed background of larger sensor cameras has to do with the "Professional look"?

  • Actually the best thing is to not let the OIS get a lock on a frame at all, keep the smooth motion going and anticipate the direction of the subject you are following, soon as that thing locks the frame jumps.

    The 35-100. ..???.anything with OIS is good for me. 14-100 with internal zoom and focus I would go to jail for, I could full enclose that and the camera for waterproofing. Also a more video focused OIS rather than stills based would see me do more "time".

    Sorry I can't see your video, I'm on an iPad, bugger not having flash.

  • I recommend this book

    It talks about DOF all over. More importantly... close up shots. How about 100-300mm lens?

    The 35-100 2.8 would be a versatile lens for cinematography. Nah I'm not getting it though. No money :(

  • @stonebat

    I thought about getting the 100-300mm. However, there is no way you could use it indoors because it is so slow. You also couldn't use half of the range indoors because it simply takes too much distance from the subject for those telephoto lengths.