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GH2 + RODE VideoMic, high-pitched noise with levels 2-4.
  • While doing some test shoots with the GH2 + VideoMic the other week, I realized (when reviewing the files in the NLE) that the camera had pickup up a really annoying high-pitched (constant) noise. I blamed it on the connections, so I tried to reproduce the noise at home and the noise was still there. Then I blamed it on the 3.5 -> 2.5 adapter (which is a short cable), and decided to purchase another (a right angle adapter from hosa, the GMP-467) and the noise still persists.

    When I set the audio input level to the lowest setting ("level 1" if I am not mistaken), the noise is inaudible.. but then again the camera is barely picking up any sound. And, quite logically, increasing the input level adds its share of noise. The noise is very noticeable at 2 and unbearable at 4.

    I'm using driftwood's Sedna A (which has an audio hack included, as I understand). I tried using the VideoMic with another sound device (a zoom h1), and couldn't reproduce that high pitched noise..

    Has anyone experienced anything similar? Is this supposed to be the camera's default behavior? Am I missing something?