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Timelapse with sanity v5
  • I discovered that Sanity v5 (thanks you @Ralph_B !) has such low bitrate on static shots, it can be used as an alternative to the classic still-camera timelapse.

    In 24H mode, I get about 5 hrs of video on my 64GB card (bought here:, maybe more - never had a chance to run out of space yet. My subject so far was NYC skyline with clouds slowly passing over.

    I use Canon 70-200, stopped down via the Redrock LiveLens adapter, and with the circular polarizer + IR cut filter at the front.

    Of course I do not anticipate this setup to work well at night, where classic timelapse will shine due to unlimited shutter opening time that can be dialed in as needed.

    In daylight situations, with standard video shutter speeds, I think 24H is a great alternative though.

    It lets you have real-time video when you want it, and then speed up/slow down as needed, in post. Clearly, stills timelapse is limited to the interval used. The interval is normally no more frequent than once in 1-3 seconds, so about 24 - 72 times faster than real-time.

    Clearly, still will have much higher resolution, so one could pan/scan or zoom within the frame. So there's a tradeoff.

    But in general, I am amazed how small the video files can be with Sanity v5 - I'm clocking around 50 minutes of real-time 24H video per each 4GB segment!

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  • @WalterH Shoot in 24H using Sanity v5. You get regular video. In post, speed it up however you want, to compress time and get the very controlled timelapse output.

  • So, are you shooting at 50fps and then in post....? Trying to get my head around this...