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The Raid: Redemption ...Awesome Action Flick!!...AF100 A-Cam, GH2-B-cam!!
  • Haven't seen much on this, if you haven't seen it....WATCH IT. It's in limited release right now, but if it's playing within an hour of you, watch it asap. Since this was shot on the AF100 this gives you a good idea of what our GH1/2 can do with a million bucks and a bunch of trained Siliat fighters. :P

    This BTS shows the AF100 in action with Fig Rig and I believe Nano flash recorder(read that somewhere, they don't say in BTS). Also note how they light. In some ways the lack of light hurt in a few sequences, noticeably the staircase ambush scene. Way dark and lots of noise. Other than that, I didn't see any jello or rolling shutter and that camera was whipping back and forth. I'm not a fan of "shaky cam", but this was used perfectly and the quick editing wasn't used to hide the fight choreography but to enhance the overall feel of the scenes.

    Here's one of the scenes that the above BTS showed. Download the full 1080p to get the best view. Even if you watch every video on this channel, it won't spoil much. This movie is about an hour, 50 min and about 15min of that is talking and plot, lol, the rest is action. Great movie and the sequel is in the works.

    EDIT: Forgot to put the trailer, lol: I actually prefer this to the redband trailer, but the redband is on the Vimeo page if you want to see it.

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  • Looks very promising, I'll have to check it out. Thanks for sharing.

  • Pretty cool, I've heard some buzz about this movie and didn't know about the AF100/GH2 connection. I wonder if their GH2s were hacked at all, ha.

  • Holy cow bro, I'm going to see this thing tomorrow!

  • Wow, this looks really good. I'm defo going to see this one at the cinema and see if i can spot the GH2 footage. Good job and keep up the good work.

  • If you haven't seen this movie, do your self a favor and go check it out!! It puts the kick in kick ass!! I saw it about a couple a weeks ago and loved it. Makes it even worth checking it out a second time now that I find out it was shut with an AF100/GH2 combo.

  • That looks astounding - OK not my cup of tea (I'm waiting for someone to make a thriller about harps and kittens, with the odd bush thrown in) but it's definitely great to see the GH2 being used to create amazing stuff like this. Wow! As someone said above, Holy Cow!!

  • For those of you who've seen this or are interested. The director and stars first movie, Merantau, is avaliable on Netflix instant streaming. Slower than The Raid cause it has more plot and story, ^_^, but the action is also kick ass.


  • @CRFilms That just jumped to the front of my queue.

  • Has anyone watched this movie at home on Blu Ray yet? I watch it last night and wasn't as thrilled compared to how when I saw it in theaters. Home TV: samsung 55" LED 8000 series and samsung Blu Ray player. I didn't notice rolling shutter in the theater but it's a lot on Blu Ray. I started asking myself, I thought the AF100 don't have a rolling shutter issue? Resolution don't look too.