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Got Milk Ad Competition Entry Shot With Sedna AQ1

    I helped produce this Got Milk for the competition linked above. I've been busy finishing up my Masters and didn't have time to actually help shoot, but I did do the color work in post. We used my GH2 with the AQ1 Sedna A or B hack, I can't remember now, and I had them record at 24L settings to extend the card life while shooting interviews in public with strangers. Most everything was shot using the 25mm Voigt and a 50mm 1.4 Nikkor. We used a Tascam Dr-40 paired with an Azden SMG2x shotgun mic for audio pickup.

    Unfortunately we can't post the video anywhere else until the contest is done. We'd appreciate the votes, but I'm more interested in sharing work done on the GH2! I'll be sure to upload it to Vimeo as soon as we can.

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  • Quick update, we've moved up to 17th place out of 204 videos in the voting section of the contest. Thanks for all the help!

  • Nice lighting and grading!

  • i did (5) :-)

  • @feha Thank you! @johnnym Thanks as well, gotta give it up to @shian for ColorGhears.

  • nice to hear you're using the GH2 for semi-professional work! There are several shots in nearly every episode of Whale Wars season 4 (on Discovery/Animal Planet) that I shot with a hacked GH1, and will possibly be several episodes of the upcoming season shot entirely on a GH2 (with a little 5d mII mixed in)

    sucks to hear your work is to promote one of the most unhealthy products humans have ever consumed. want more evidence? watch 'Forks Over Knives'

    the consumption of dairy by humans causes our blood to become acidic, leading to our own natural response of de-acidifying by pulling calcium and magnesium from our bones leading to osteoporosis - quite the opposite from what all the commercials say. in reality the more milk you drink, the more you're going to need to visit the vitamin supplement isle. ever wonder why in western countries where the most milk is consumed they usually have 5 rows of calcium supplements in every grocery store?

    "Dairy products are not healthy, regardless of whether they are organic or conventional. Even organically produced dairy contain naturally occurring steroids and hormones, which can promote cancer growth. Also found in dairy products are toxins including fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, veterinary medicines, antibiotic residues, synthetic preservatives, and additives. The animal protein, fat, and cholesterol (even nonfat/skim milk contains cholesterol) all contribute to heart disease, certain cancers, diabetes, and other major chronic disease. Dairy has been found to be pro-inflammatory and, essentially, is not a healthy choice. Any of the beneficial nutrients found in milk, like calcium, are found in sufficient amounts in a healthful plant-based diet." - Julieanna Hever, R.D.

    kinda weird that humans are the only species that consume milk after infancy. oh yea, another thing, while i am on this rant - all dairy milk is now allowed to contain a surprisingly high percentage of blood and puss - the exact amount depends on which country you are in:

    still want to drink milk?... try hemp milk, almond milk, rice milk, or soy milk.. or even breast milk for that matter.. weird how that grosses people out, yet they still drink another species milk like there's no tomorrow

  • @sam_rides_a_mtb Very nice about shooting Whale Wars! What kind of set up do you use and how big is the crew you guys shoot with? I read about a camera operator and member of the Whale Wars crew sustaining so injuries earlier this year. I can only imagine the circumstances you get to film under. Also, I use the GH2 on most of my professional work, and Independent films (

    Also, considering the Milk competition, I don't want to discuss the science surrounding Milk, I'd rather keep it focused on what we're doing as film makers. Personally, I only use milk in cereal periodically, and in recipes that call for it. Unless you grow everything you eat in your backyard the food you can't be sure of its origins, or how it has been handled. Think about it too much and you'll be left with no food to enjoy.

  • @Philldaagony I have actually been volunteering with Sea Shepherd for the last several years aboard the Bob Barker (I was one of the two guys that got hypothermia last year in the small boats). While on campaign, I primarily shoot stills, though shoot some occasional video, as the GH cameras are the perfect mix and quality and size for this work. Between campaigns, I shoot video for the Sea Shepherd website and YT channel

    The above video is mostly GH2 (aside from beginning intro which was shot by a mate of mine on the 7D. There is also a bit of GH1 in there, a little more 7D and some GO Pro HD.

    This year, Animal planet pulled out for the second leg of the Bob's mission, I think mostly for financial reasons as we thought the whaling fleet could remain in the southern ocean through the end of April and they only budgeted through march. Generally they have 4 cam operators per ship, a sound guy, and a producer and assist prod. They use Sony 1/3" HDV and interchangable lens cams (forgot the exact model - maybe ex1 or something). After they destroyed most of their cameras last year, they were left with some A1U's and GoPros. Gave them a few tips, as well as a lot of footage from my Go Pro as well (which was helmet mounted).

    After they pulled out, it was just myself and the other still photographer filming, and good thing we did because not only did we find the whaling fleet's factory ship, we also sent them home early after a confrontation like no other. See a sneak peak here (3rd video down - March 5th conf): - that is entirely the GH2 (unhacked) with mostly the 20mm 1.7. As we have a very expensive satellite connection, I had to compress the video massively down to about 20MB and 720p for about 2 and half mins of video. Nevertheless, the video was used on news stations around the world.

    I hear what you're saying in regards to the milk comp and true, we should keep the focus on the filmmaking, and any other film forum, I would not have brought that up, though Vitaly's site is a bit unique, in that opinions and get shared quite often that are not video related. Do definitely agree with what your saying about if the food is not from your backyard, it can be hard to know its true origins. Ultimately, we are all trying our best to make sense of everything that is thrown at us in this fast paced world.

    Keep up the good work, and thanks for not taking my post in the wrong way :)