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Interesting stuff: New stabilizer
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    • Material: Aluminum + composite plastic
    • Max height: 40cm (with tripod)
    • Max load bearing: 3kg

    Not recommended.

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  • Quite interesting. I wonder how you would go about balancing it.

  • I was thinking the same… A closer look makes it seem that there are two plates that you can adjust separately by turning the black knobs.

  • on top of other questions: how it will perform? and what's the purpose of that mini tripod? we do really need to use a stabilizer like a fixed tripod?!

  • No one really knows how it performs :-)

  • Having a stabilizer with a tripod is really useful for putting it down / setting up the initial balance. I guess the idea is that if you have to have a counterweight you might as well make it useful as a stand as well. Clever! But will it blend?

  • Looks like a Chinese copy of the Chinese Skyler MiniCam, lol:

    Looks absolutely terrible, but price just 1/3 of the skyler.

  • @tonalt

    It is not Skyler copy, as they are completely different (except bottom part).
    And SKyler is produced by small team in Taiwan as I remember.

  • Really nice find, a weight system that is a stand at the bottom so you can set it down.. nice idea.. and it comes with a hardcase for under $200.. Sad that I bought a nano months ago now.. if anyone gets this , please review it... I like my nano but this might be worth the upgrade if it fly's well.

  • ANyone dared to try this?

  • @Flaaandeeers

    Suggest to check other options, as they are available now, like ones in todays deals.

  • Has been around for almost 2 years, this contraption. Works like a Merlin but needs less balancing from user. When it was first introduced in Taiwan, i saw it, tried it, but was dissuaded to buy it by what was at that time a high price

  • @kazuo

    I know that you mean, but it has nothing common with thing discussed in this topic (except three legs attached).

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