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Sony XAVC-S and FUJIFILM MOV files performance in Adobe Premiere
  • I am wondering if the Adobe Premiere hardware real time playback in timeline using gpu acceleration with intel quick sync or nvidia nvdec will work with sony xavc-s 1080p and fujifilm mov 1080p. These two cameras use h264 codec in these files but it is a different implementation compared to default mp4 files from panasonic, so will premiere use gpu for timeline playback or do i need to transcode the files? any advice apreciated. thanks

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  • Well, find samples on internet and check, no one knows without trying on your exact GPU. It also depends on GPU you have. Inter QS also differs depending on exact CPU.

  • I do not have proper gpu and cpu yet, so i am asking before buy it.

  • Premiere pro will not work at all with quicksync 5th generation or bellow, you will need to downgrade to old 2019 version that is not available anymore from adobe servers. On a laptop with 1050ti and i7 6-core 9th gen it works, mostly. But the combination of windows, adobe, intel drivers and nvidia drivers tends to be shitty. I sugest you lock your system after everything is running.

  • Side note: resolve studio is more straightfoward in this case

  • Recently finished a short on Resolve 17. Real-time playback even after color correction and other adjustments.

    Source footage was XAVC-S, 4K, 24fps, 100Mbps on a 1080p timeline.

    Windows 10 on a 4th gen i7 with 8-threads, a 4GB 1050Ti, and 32GB ram DDR3.

    I've tried footage shot with a fuji camera (at 400Mbps), and the system barely handles playback.

  • thanks guys.

  • @apefos

    Just find proper way to get :-)

  • No problems with Sony footy here, download a trial. I'm filming 8K.
    "I do not have proper gpu and cpu yet" The entry level Mac with the new processor will playback. You can check frame rates/hardware online. 1080p will playback even with an old GPU.

  • It’s is known in Hollywood that premiere is a thing of luck. They have several machines that specialize in certain works in premiere. Several m. Some cuts well others do good chroma others are good for post. It’s a thing of luck. Some can work even better on raw files than h264 and they are using the same fuking hardware. It’s amazing really.

    So it’s like a lucky ride. If the hardware you buy works fine in premiere with drivers and you have no mayor issues simple lock that shit up and use that machine for the work intended.

    Good luck . And don’t try to overlock and use timings on memory that will make you enter another realm of premiere performance.