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Noctilux f/0.95 vs Hyperprime T0.95, shot on GH2 !
  • Yesterday I had the opportunity of using for 30mn the Leica Noctilux 50mm f/0.95. I went to shot some video in the funfair of Bordeaux. I did not have ND variable filter (Leica is 60mm filter thread), so I had to use fast shutter speed, so sorry for the jitter effect... I try to do my best in this short time with this 8000€ lens. Today I went to the same place at the same hour with my SLR Hyperprime 50mm T0.95 lens, and I did the same shot, in the same condition (short time and no ND filter). This movie is a quick test where you can see in a alternate editing the difference between these two lens, wide opened at 0.95. This was not shot the same day so the light is a little different, but the weather was quite the same (cloudy with sun sometime).

    All is shot at full aperture, 0.95

    My opinion ? mmmm the Noctilux is an extraordinary lens, good rendering at f/0.95, smooth aperture ring. This lens is a little smaller and lighter than the SLR Magic lens. It's in M mount (Leica). The problem : the Noctilux is too expensive for me, 8000€ (10600$) !!! Please note that the SLR Magic I've used here is a prototype lens. It's be available in september in M mount, it's price is not fixed yet, but it will be around 2300€ (3000$), 3.5X less cheaper than the Leica.

    The music mix is an homage to a movie director and one of his movie. The first who will find the name of the director and the title of the movie will win the two lenses... (I'm joking ;) ).

    GH2 24P no hack Leica Noctilux 50mm f/0.95 SLR Magic Hyperprime 50mm T0.95 Nostalgic mode No ND filter so fast shutter speed to compensate (from 1/1000 to 1/4000 160 iso Full aperture 0.95 No color correction

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  • Both lenses are absolutely stunning. The day I'll have 3000$ to spend on a lens, the Hyperprime is on top of the list..

  • I like 45mm small, light Olympus gem. Do not want this 0.95 lenses as have no use of them.

  • slr magic looks almost unusable wide open.. at least for video since so much CA (purple fringing) will be very hard to get rid of in post.. The leica looks insane, but so is the price.

  • 8000€ WOW, i better stick with my Canon FD 50mm f/1.2 :-) or buy nokton 25mm .095 :-)

  • @feha One big reason people go for the Leica is the way it handles coma. Saw some comparisons with the Nokton a while back and the difference was pretty noticeable.

    That said, that Nokton is one of my favorite lenses I`ve used on the GH2.

    @sebfarges Thanks for the comparison.

  • I don't know the movie but I've heard William Shatner reciting this.

  • Images taken with the SLR look like footage taken with a 1" CCTV lens. Coma, CA, washed out. Colours at 0.53, awesome!

  • I agree with Vitaliy that the gem is is Olly 45. Small, lightweight, gorgeous color and sharp. However, I would not turn down either the Leica or the Nokton if someone wanted to lend me one.