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Capitalism: Cyberpunk 2077 - high rated shit
  • Cyberpunk 2077 is arguably the largest video game launch of the decade, with hundreds of millions of dollars in advertising and development costs behind it.

    Rumors are that CD Project sponsors paid at least to 1000 reviewers to warranty proper content before launch (total reviews expanses are rumored to be more than 10 million USD).

    They also had largest ever bots army in reviews and comments - up to 50k unique computer bots with at least half year history, and up to 10k paid human bots.

    Problem is not severe bugs and total lack of real useful content. Problem is content they have - utter shite and gloom.

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  • Its clear, you (yes, you Vitaliy in person) have played the game for many hours...

    Seriously, I have the game, it runs very well on (my) PC and its really fun to play - I don't know what "utter shite" you mean?

    (Oh, and posting a video that show a couple of bugs and not even making any distinction between PC and consols... very informative.)

  • @Psyco

    I played it :-) Not for very long, I am sure shorter than you did, but you need to know that capitalists use to wash people minds. You can note that post appeared not during most hot first days.

    It has real lot of bugs, including crashes, even on PC.

    I happened to know developer who still works in company who made this game (he went to Poland many years ago). And their bug tracker is in horrible state. Actually, all but top management and investors had been for another release transfer to around July 2021. But it is too big guys at stake.

    Also remember that plan can be to buy company for cheap, as most companies changed owners and we see huge merging trend on gaming market. Within 2-3 years we'll have only 4-5 players total who make premium games.

    Under shite I mean concept and real content in game. Reality is that it was big guys and investors who pushed Cyberpunk 2077 all this long years, despite no one really loving game or concepts inside company, in each game it shows usually very fast.