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Capitalism: Begun the Trade War has
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  • U.S. demands deep structural reforms such as stopping forced technology transfers, enforcing intellectual property rights and ending state subsidies for strategic industries.

    Exactly 0% of this points had been mentioned or agreed upon

    Each side gave its own readout of the outcome, and they contained key differences: China, for instance, made no mention of the 90-day time frame, while the U.S. didn’t reference the One-China policy regarding Taiwan ties.

    This thing will fall long before 90 days, just give it small reason.

  • And here we go again

    I am a Tariff Man. When people or countries come in to raid the great wealth of our Nation, I want them to pay for the privilege of doing so. It will always be the best way to max out our economic power. We are right now taking in $billions in Tariffs. MAKE AMERICA RICH AGAIN

    Make few people in America even more rich... again same ones.

  • Canadian authorities have arrested Wanzhou Meng, the CFO of Huawei Technologies and daughter of the telecom giant's founder, Ren Zhengfei. An ex-officer with the People's Liberation Army, Ren is one of the country's most revered business figures. Wanzhou is facing extradition to the US on suspicions that she violated US sanctions against Iran.

    Always rely on materialism - good personal relations never can save objective interests difference.

  • and just like House of Cards Season 7 : Trade Truce Over?

    We seriously doubt the Chinese leaders will interpret Wanzhou's arrest as a gesture of good faith and trust at a time when negotiations over a possible trade truce were expected to finally begin in earnest after a months-long standoff.

    To understand the magnitude of this arrest, just imagine how the US would react if Beijing arrested Jeff Bezos' (hypothetical) daughter?

    As investors digest the implications of the DOJ's investigation, expect a kneejerk response where investors shoot first Thursday and dump shares of big Huawei suppliers, as they did with ZTE. Should they do the same with broader S&P futures amid concerns that the trade truce is back to square one zero, Trump will have a choice: releasing Meng or watching the any last hopes of Christmas rally fade into the distance.

    Meng's arrest will immediately heighten tensions between Washington and Beijing just days after the world’s two largest economies agreed on a truce in their growing trade conflict. It will, or at least should, also prompt any US execs currently in China to think long and hard if that's where they want to be, say, tomorrow when Xi decides to retaliate in kind.

    Meng’s father Ren Zhengfei, a former army engineer who’s regularly named among China’s top business executives, has won acclaim at home for turning an electronics reseller into the world’s second-largest smartphone maker and a major producer of networking gear.

    As Bloomberg notes, the CFO’s arrest will be regarded back home as an attack on China’s foremost corporate champions. While Alibaba and Tencent dominate headlines thanks to flashy growth and high-profile billionaire founders, Ren’s company is by far China’s most global technology company, with operations spanning Africa, Europe and Asia.

    Global powers condemn US sanctions against Iran and encourage businesses to ignore the Trump administration

    Why the world ignores America on Iran

  • @jleo

    It is just illustration of how real world works. If you have fundamental difference in economic interests - you will have rise of confrontation. If not superior US army it had been much worse now.

  • Fact checking Trump: No, 'Tariff Man,' China doesn't foot the bill — Americans do

    The facts: Tariffs are a fee charged by the U.S. when a good is brought into the U.S. They're designed to make foreign made goods more expensive — thus boosting domestic producers — but that expense, charged to the importer, is typically passed down to American consumers.

    "The people who are purchasing foreign goods are paying tariffs," said Columbia Business School professor Amit Khandelwal, who teaches on international trade.

  • Game of Phones :) , :(


    Thomas Hon Wing Polin ( former senior editor Asiaweek)

    There may be a lot more than meets the eye in Canada’s shock arrest, at US behest, of Huawei’s CFO and heir apparent Meng Wanzhou

    Chinese sources have assembled the following facts:

    • April 2017: A director of Chinese tech giant Huawei personally escorts famed Shanghai-born physicist Zhang Shoucheng from the latter’s hotel in Shenzhen. Jackson & Wood Professor of Physics at Stanford University, Zhang was in town to attend an IT summit.

    • Sept. 2018: Prof. Zhang receives a European physics award, one of his many honors. His work in quantum physics is expected to revolutionize the global semiconductor industry. Yang Zhenning, the first Chinese scientist to receive the Nobel Physics Prize (1957), had predicted that Zhang would be the next one.

    • Dec. 1, 2018: Prof. Zhang and Meng Wanzhou are expected to attend a dinner in Argentina, where the G20 summit is being held.

    • Dec. 1, 2018: On her way there, Meng is arrested in transit by the Canadian government.

    • Dec. 1, 2018: Prof. Zhang falls to his death from a building in the US, allegedly a suicide. Said to be suffering from depression, he was 55.

    • Dec. 1, 2018: A nighttime fire breaks out at a factory of Holland’s ASML, the world’s leading manufacturer of extreme ultraviolet (EUV) lithography technology. EUV is crucial to the production of the next generation of semi-conductors, which US and Chinese tech firms as well as Korea’s Samsung are competing to be first to bring to market. Leading Chinese semiconductor producer SMIC is known to have ordered EUV technology worth US$120 million from ASML, for scheduled delivery early in 2019. After the fire, ASML announced that it expected delays in shipments of its products, notably early 2019.

    From the news archive:

    Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 took off from Kuala Lumpur on March 8, 2014, headed for Beijing. It never arrived. All 227 passengers and 12 crew are presumed dead after radar data showed the Boeing 777's last recorded position over a remote part of the southern Indian Ocean.

    Employees of several Asia Pacific-based communications service providers and vendors were aboard Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 at the time of its disappearance, including Huawei, competitor ZTE, U.S. company Freescale Semiconductor, and reportedly, China Telecom.

    Two executives from Huawei, an employee of ZTE, and 20 employees of Freescale were on board the flight, their respective companies confirmed on Saturday.

  • @jleo

    This is how capitalism looks, if you open the cover :-) Lot of worms, bodies, drugs and weapons.

    During an interview with NPR's Morning Edition, National Security Advisor John Bolton revealed that he knew in advance that Canadian police were preparing to arrest Huawei CFO Wanzhou Meng, meaning that Bolton knew that Meng was being taken into custody when he sat down alongside President Trump for Saturday's dinner trade talks with Chinese President Xi Jinping.

    Well, so all dinner had been humiliation in reality. With whole goal to get few billions on the artificially made market moves. Actually it is big crime even under capitalism.

  • Reuters reported officials from major U.S. companies at a meeting in Singapore on Thursday "voiced concerns about retaliation against American firms and their executives." Several attendees said their companies were considering restricting travel to China and looking to move meetings outside the country.

    Now need to decide who will go to prison in China soon.

    I vote for Tim Cook, as for both sides it'll be amazing solution. And will be good for Apple.

  • Soon tariffs will be replaced by boycotts. In any case, zero tariff will not work since majority of American companies and US made products do not have the overall cost structure to address Chinese market prices. Having faced Huawei over 2 decades on the networking side, they are formidable global competitors, technology wise, product wise, cost wise. It is no fluke they are today the world's largest network equipment supplier.

  • Stephen Roach Former Morgan Stanley Asia Chair : Accusations against China IP Theft. Forced Technology transfer and hacking : based on vague anecdotal evidence, lacking scientific metrics

    ‘Little to nothing’ so far to substantiate security risks posed by Huawei: Analysts

    Mr Claus Mortensen, principal analyst at research firm Ecosystm, told Channel NewsAsia on Friday (Dec 7) that the heightened regulatory scrutiny is, at its core, a “highly politicised issue”. He said the national security argument is a “valid” one, and few countries in the Western world would choose to buy important communications infrastructure from countries like China or Russia. “That said, there is so far little to nothing to substantiate these security claims,” Mr Mortensen pointed out.

    He referenced another instance when Bloomberg ran a story in October claiming that China had inserted rogue chips into servers used by US companies like Apple and Amazon – which did not implicate Huawei but fed the narrative of Chinese tech companies serving as an extended arm of its government. “No actual proof has been presented (in the Bloomberg claim) and the same goes for Huawei’s equipment,” Mr Mortensen said.


  • Behind the US attack on Chinese Smartphones

    But apart from these commercial considerations, there are also some strategic reasons. Under pressure from the Pentagon and the Intelligence agencies, the USA forbade the use of Smartphones and telecommunications infrastructures from the Chinese company Huawei, warning that they may potentially be used for espionage, and pressured their allies to do the same.

    The warning concerning the danger of Chinese espionage, especially addressed to Italy, Germany and Japan, countries which house the most important US military bases, came from the same US Intelligence agencies which have been spying on the telephone communications of their allies for years, in particular in Germany and Japan.

    The motive for the war undertaken by Washington against Huawei is deep-rooted and spurious are the justifications.

    The heart of the problem is that the Chinese firm uses a system of encryption that prevents the NSA from intercepting its communications. A number of governments and secret services in the non-Western world have begun to equip themselves exclusively with Huawei materials, and are doing so to protect the confidentiality of their communications.

    The covers/excuses for this war are theft of intellectual property or in the alternative, trade with Iran and North Korea, and violating rules of competition by benefitting from national subsidies.

  • Washington Post reported that the Trump administration is preparing to condemn Beijing for what it says are China’s continued efforts to steal America’s trade secrets and advanced technologies and compromise sensitive government and corporate computers,


  • Col. Larry Wilkerson , former Chief of Staff for Secretary of State Colin Powell, on US trade sanctions. how Trump by removing Iran Sanctions broke International Law,

  • China is retaliating right now, and the lady was let out of prison. With a GPS (maybe from Huawei?).

  • In an interview with Reuters news agency on Tuesday, Mr Trump said he would intervene in the US Justice Department's case against Ms Meng if it would serve national security interests or help achieve a trade deal with China.

    "If I think it's good for what will be certainly the largest trade deal ever made - which is a very important thing - what's good for national security, I would certainly intervene if I thought it was necessary," he said.

  • @jleo

    Wait, wait, what about Principle Of The Separation Of Powers?

    Also whole sentence reads like blackmail.

  • Trump: Here's the deal: I'll make you an offer you can't refuse. You get the woman, I get the Florida swamp land. Wait a minute, I already bought the Florida swamp land! What a GREAT DEAL!! Hey! Come back here! It's either MY way or the Huawei!!

  • In the middle of the trade war, guess where Boeing’s opening its first overseas plant

    America’s biggest exporter now has its first overseas plant.

    Aviation and aerospace giant Boeing will officially inaugurate a completion and delivery center for its 737 planes in the eastern Chinese port city of Zhoushan on Saturday (Dec. 15). The plant, about 90 miles from Shanghai, is a joint-venture between Boeing and China’s state-run Commercial Aircraft Corp. of China (COMAC). Planes destined to be delivered to Chinese carriers will arrive at the plant to have their interior and exterior painting and other finishing work done. China is a major Boeing 737 client—it has ordered more than 160 737 Max’s across 12 carriers since 2013. This may not seem ideal timing to open a plant in China, given the current US president’s hatred of offshoring, and the retaliatory rounds of tariffs between the two countries (they’re now trying to work out a compromise). During the campaign, Donald Trump criticized Boeing’s plan for a China plant, saying it would take lots of jobs away from US.

    Boeing aims eventually to hit a delivery target of 100 planes a year at Zhoushan, although Bruns deflected a question on how quickly it would reach that level and said Boeing had no plans to expand work to other aircraft types.

    Boeing also hopes the plant will relieve pressure at the Seattle-area facility where it plans to boost production next year of its best-selling 737 narrow body aircraft but has struggled with production delays.

    Read more at: //

  • Former Canadian Foreign Affairs minister John Manley:

    During a panel on CTV’s Question Period airing Sunday, Manley said that Canada in his view has never been "as alone in the world as we are now," and that Canada needs China for economic reasons because of how unreliable the United States has shown itself to be as an economic partner. "China is the way we validate the policy of diversification or trade and economic interests. There's no other choice," Manley said.

    On Huawei CFO arrest , (Canada) Could have used 'creative incompetence'

    Manley said that in accordance with international obligations and Canada's extradition treaty with the U.S., Canada had to act, though he questioned whether it would have been a good time for some "creative incompetence." "This woman was not residing in Canada, she was simply transferring flights in Canada, and we might have just missed her,"

  • Several western government officials reportedly told WaPo that the Trump administration and more than a dozen of its allies are expected to condemn Beijing on Thursday over the MSS's campaign to steal other countries' trade secrets and advanced technologies, as well as its efforts to compromise sensitive government and corporate computer networks.

    After the gesture of contempt, sanctions related to China's cyberespionage efforts are expected to be announced

    Expect fun Christmas.

  • Increased traffic at the Port of Long Beach included a surge in empty containers being shipped back to Asia. In November alone the port saw more than 186,000 empty containers sent on that trip, 11 percent more than last year.

    While U.S. retailers have stepped up purchases of Chinese products to avoid tariffs later on, “you’re seeing the opposite effect on the other side of the ocean,” said Mario Cordero, the port’s executive director. “Chinese businesses seem to be already looking to other countries for goods and raw materials, meaning there’s less demand for American exports and more empty containers.”


  • Italy's Interior Minister Matteo Salvini has proposed a Europe-wide pact of sovereignty oriented forces against the liberal Franco-German axis within the EU during his recent visit to Poland. The governmental alliance between the left-wing populist Five-Star Movement and the right-wing Lega Nord in Rome could serve as a model.

    And it is not CHina only. As response to

    France and Germany are to forge shared defense, foreign and economic policies in an unprecedented “twinning” pact regarded as a prototype for the future of the European Union.

  • Don't we call a pact of left and right 'national socialist' (aka Nazi)?

  • @nomad

    From one side it is pseudo left aka populists.

    And national socialists are not some mix of socialists and nationalists :-) Whole term had been specially made, like Carlin would say "marketing decision".