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wtb: looking for a Resolve 12.5 Dongle
  • Hi,

    I want to buy a Resolve 12.5 Dongle (before BM switches to the online registration) - has anybody a spare one to sell? Please PM me. (As I'm located in Germany, Europe would be best to avoid import taxes.)


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  • I would appreciate, if you could explain a bit... Is there something negative about the online registration? Is using the dongle in some ways better for the user?

  • The dongle just makes ist easyer to hop to another machine and use Resolve Studio there - especially for me, when using it at home and sometimes at school (I work as a teacher), I only take the donge with me and can work there.

  • Good point! Is there any info on when the dongle free resolve will become for sale?

  • With the release of version 14, which is in beta stage (revision 3) at the moment - so its not going to take long (I guess).

  • has/had some...

  • CFreak - No, really...never thought of that :-P

    (You know, sometimes you get better deals within a forum.)

  • @Psyco

    Most probably you get better terms on ebay, considering recent price drop.

  • I did look on Ebay and other market places - but I thought it can't hurt to ask here too...?

    Nevermind, just got a good deal - so, you can close the thread.