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New Gh5 - 6K photo mode - video workflow
  • Hi everyone. I will buy the gh5 in every case, because I already use my gh4 for doing everything for my job, photos and video. What I'd like to do when I get it, is to use the new 6k feature to shoot wedding videos and take pictures out of it, at least at the most important moments, for the rest 4K is ok. I'm so excited to know that 6k photo mode can be used to shoot video clips as well. Thanks to Driftwood we got a sample file

    we can download, so I started playing with it. I think a lot of people like me is making experiments with that file and would like to use the camera for 6k shooting, so I thought to create a new topic for sharing opinions and techniques from now and when new material and the camera itself will become available. What I did until now is to try and convert the file using Hybrid to obtain a new h265 or h264 file with the same resolution, since Premiere CC cannot open the original file. The files I obtained did open in Premiere but play smooth only at 1/16th preview resolution. Can you suggest a player that opens the original file to grab frames?

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  • The best results I obtained until now downscaling to 4k was to use handbrake with the following settings: + storage dimensions: 3840 x 2560 + pixel aspect ratio: 1 : 1 + display dimensions: 3840 x 2560 + encoder: H.264 (libx264) + preset: medium + profile: high + level: 5.1 + quality: 15.00 (RF) The output file (bitrate around 100Mbps) plays smooth in Premiere cc and can be used in a 4k editing session