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  • Vitaliy--the weifeng 717 is $150 at Amazon, is the Manfrotto worth the extra $$? Thanks.

  • i haven't tried the 701 but i kind of lump that in with the 501 (earlier gen). You might like this better. Here are a few pics.!i=1723973502&k=7GhfDdw

  • Anyone had luck with counterbalancing it?

  • @pyjames Thank for the quick response, I am looking to get the manfrotto 701, but I may spend a little more to get this, got any pics with your gh2 and the 502hd by any chance? Thanks

  • How does this compare to Weifeng/Fancier?

    It depends with that head you'll compare. As it is alternative to 717-718 heads.
    It is not alternative to FC-04H (FC-HDSLR) .

  • How does this compare to Weifeng/Fancier?

  • @apix: Yes, i'm glad i bought it. I compared it with the Sachtler Ace and i prefer the 502 cause you have better fine-tune control over the incremental steps of the Ace. Good thing of the Ace is that it is light weight but it is 'plasticky'.

  • @pvjame and @kevinTraywick are both of you using this 502HD head for your GH2?

  • I picked up this head (flat head) this week and have shot several times with it since. I love it. It can handle any dslr and any number of accessories (I've been using a slider on top of it with a light) without flinching. You can really dial in the pan/tilt.

  • I took this out to the Ocean for a quick test. This is my first high quality head. I don't have real-world experience with others but i have tried out a Sachtler and Miller DS10/DS20 at a trade show. I think the feel of the 502 reminded me of the Miller when you have it dialed in. You have to get used to the pan and tilt main knobs (easy). Once you have it dialed, the incremental dials (with the red colors) is very handy for fine-tuning pan/tilt. They call this 'bridging technology'. The weight is good but i wish to get carbon legs now. ;) I think this is the ideal head for dSLR form-factor. I can't vouch for something like an AF100 or C300 type of body. Here's a short clip at one of the widest views of the Pacific. It was pretty easy to maneuver and nice feel. I wasn't so 'careful' and panned for almost 2 minutes.!i=1671112945&k=T93SFc7&lb=1&s=A

  • Thanks for the reminder Vitaliy. I just ordered the kit.
  • I like the look of this head a lot. UK prices are a bit silly, but will get better as a few more retailers get hold of them.