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The Lightest affordable portable solution for 4K offline video editing?
  • What would it be?

    So, I am looking for physicly the lightest laptop that can:

    • be easy to carry around and light enough so that my back feels pleased that I ditched my old 15" mbp
    • have stable and smooth run of AVID MC
    • have stable and smooth run of ADOBE PREMIERE
    • maybe even run FCP X (only as a last resort; I hate fcp X so would love not to use it anymore but some colabolators like it so... :(
    • play smoothly 4K footage from cameras like sony A7sII, panasonic GH4 and such l, in finder preview/vlc player/QT player and editors mentioned above.

    I need it for offline editing of documentary features, mostly via proxy 2K files but if it can edit native 4K codecs without too much hickups that is a plus. I intend to do mostly cut only editing with occasional cross dissolves, filtering, playspeed alterations etc... No major CC, sound mix etc...that will be done in pro studio enviroment!

    From what I see, 13" mbp could fitt the bill. I was especialy pleased with videos that demonstrate upgrading hardware on old MBP's from 2010/2012 in order to be as efficient as the latest models. But Is there anything in PC clan that I should look out for?

    I expect it to be my portable solution for on location quick video interventions and offline edit suite for another year (until 4th quarter of 2017).

    Oh and of course, I expect it to be priced cery very very reasonably (bellow 1500$).

    Thanks IA for everyone's input!

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  • Mi older, lightweight Sony S15 has a desktop i7 and a graphics card. I paid $650 for it four years ago, used, they are hard to find but work reasonably well for video editing. A smaller screen is tough going.