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The Bach Double
  • The Bach Double.
    In this dimly lit interior, the sun illuminated the back of the hall as well as glanced off the tops of the performers from time to time. The cams used were G7s (center and left) and ax100 (right). The G7s held up marginally better in the dim light.
    Awesome performance from the soloists.

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  • Beautiful. Sounds great - amazing audio quality as always.

  • Thanks Matt, it was a real thrill to get some kind of of record of this concert, even with just 45 minutes to set up everything--I'm not the fastest person with setting up gear.

  • I have to say, after grading a bunch of these, the G7 bests the Sony ax100 in poor, contrasty light. OTOH, the ax100 is slightly sharper in well lit venues. Next up, I will try out the A6300 and maybe cook an egg on it.

  • I love anything with a Theorbo.

    Nice video as usual.

  • @jpturbo Thanks so much!