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Good (not to expensive) aktive USB 3.0 hub
  • I'm looking for a good aktive USB 3.0 hub:

    • I need it to have 7+ USB ports, a strong power supply (must be able to drive 2 HHDs and keyboard/mouse), be reliable, compatible with USB 2.0 (also on the computer side) and all USB devices.

    • It would be nice if it can be wall mounted (I want to put it on the lower side of my desktop), the power supply is internal (or at least small), the USB ports are not all on one side, an on/off switch and a status LED (not 20 flashing LEDs, just one;-).

    Especially for Mac users it looks like a hub with the VIA VL812-B2 is needed to be 100% compatible (the older VL812 might be ok too). It also seems that most of the USB hubs are just rebranded cheap generic boxes as you can find so many (visually) identical hubs with different brand names on it.

    Some examples:

    A bit too expensive and old chipset, but nice housing:

    Also too expensive and does not work with HDDs when using a Mac(!):

    Plastic, no mount, but cheap, new chipset and 2 ports on top with extra power: (This one looks quite good, but I haven't found it anywhere in Germany with the correct power plug.)

    It seems quite hard to finde a good USB 3.0 hub, so any input/help/experience is highly appreciated.

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  • I got a couple of these Anker hubs for use with my Mac Pro and MBP, all USB's along one side with exception of two charging ports, works great.

    I edit with up to 6 portable USB drives from it at once plus charge my phone/e cigarette battery and have had no problems with it.

  • Thanks @tubefingers but after reading the comments on Amazon it looks like the same quality-lottery as all Anker products (Anker is just one of those rebranding names, selling the same product in different countries under different names).

    For how long do you have yours by now?

    It really looks like I just have to buy the USB hub that looks best for my needs and then return faulty devices as long as it takes to get a good one (I really hate to do it this way).

    Any other recommendations?

  • After spending hours searching for the right USB hub, I found 3 candidates.

    . + All have 1 or 2 ports on the upper side.

    . - Non has an on/off switch.

    . + 44 EUR, metall housing

    . - wall power supply, only 1 port on top

    . + 10 USB ports, 2 on top (sticking out a bit further), "laptop style" power supply

    . - 72 EUR

    . + 44 EUR, I can buy it directly in a shop here (and return it;-)

    . - wall power supply, not flat top surface and top ports not sticking out

    Has anybody any experience with one of this hubs?

  • I've been using the Anker one for about 18 months, no problems so far