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Something I shot with a 5D
  • These are just a few shots I pieced together after walking around one day with my friend. Started with no real intentions but I threw some music on it and got what you see here.

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  • Don't jump... you've got to try the GH2...hacked of course! ;-)
  • @driftwood
    I think this site is open to talk to all kinds of cameras theres enough GH2 promotion here already. Im sure the OP is aware of the GH2 and the hack.

    This is some nice footage and ive seen some good films done with Canons.
  • @Mimirsan He knows I was jokin.... do you?
  • @Mimirsan

    Yep, I am too tired to see "GH2 king" or "You definitely need GH2".
    Most authors of such things "definitely need brains".
  • Actually I feel sorry for @TenaciousJake as he has posted a video on here with 'no' intent to bring up some sort of race war between Canon-Nikon-Panny, all he wanted to do was show his footage. (I am not talking about anyone - looks like this thread could get out of hand soon)

    @TenaciousJake I like the way you have edited with the music and the emotional climax of the music. As a musician it is very 'intune' with the music. Its also great to see simple shots telling a story, its the 'edit' that makes it work.

    For the record however the terms "GH2 King" and "You definitely need GH2" are only used in relation to the GH2VK Hack, (as in: GH2VK is King & You definitely need GH2VK Hack!)
    I haven't really seen anything else... no brainless GH2 fanboys on this forum
  • >I haven't really seen anything else... no brainless GH2 fanboys on this forum

    I am working on this :-)
  • @Alcomposer Indeed I agree! Its a nice video regardless what its shot on..doubtful it'll get out of hand on the thread.

    @Vitaliy Indeed I agree! it would be nice to view some footage by someone without someone making comparisons.

    @Driftwood...Really? I did kinda get the joke afterwards Tee hee! lol
  • Race war? 'Don't jump...' was referenced to his video.

    "I think this site is open to talk to all kinds of cameras theres enough GH2 promotion here already. Im sure the OP is aware of the GH2 and the hack."

    He's a good filmmaker and I have indeed asked him if he has tried out the GH2 hack. Its always good to get a reaction. Things can be taken quite literally if youre not careful. Don't read between the lines.
  • @driftwood hear hear! Go GH2! (sung: if I only had a brain...)
  • @TenaciousJake

    Nice shots and editing. It's amazing the things we can create these days with these little machines for sale at the corner shop.

    I really like the colors as well. Did you grade it at all or used in-camera settings?
  • @TenaciousJake
    I like the way you framed the shot with the water. keep shooting, keep improving, next step: trying to tell a story:)
    FYI, even though I wouldn't trade my GH2VK for a 5d, it's a beautiful camera to shoot with and in my opinion, gives nice pictures more consistently than the GH2 and has a few other advantages too. Let's share the love... and help posters improve.
  • Really nice work.

    I started with the GH2, and was lucky enough to get a great deal on a 2nd hand 5D2 - best of both worlds :-)
  • Thanks guys, I really appreciate the feedback.

    @driftwood Definitely won't be jumping anytime soon, I really would like to check out the G2...hacked, of course.

    At the risk of starting a race/flame war (whatever you'd like to call it) I have to be honest. I had actually never heard of the G2 until I visited this board. Because of all the G2 coverage on Personal-View, I assumed it was a UK site, silly me. Now, before I get destroyed by this blasphemy, let me explain myself. I work on set in the entertainment industry in LA, not unlike some other members I've noticed. I work small stuff, I work big stuff (no reality, thankfully). I've seen low budget music videos shot with the RED, I've seen big budget TV shows shot with Go-Pros. I even helped on "When You Find Me" using the C300 (took everything in my power to keep my mouth shut). So I've been grateful to see and experience much of the innovation and technology coming out of this industry on many levels. That being said, anytime I've seen anything shot with a DSLR on set, a G2 it is not. Though because of this site, it has definitely peaked my interest.

    @driftwood again - Always keeping it light, I assume everything is a joke:)

    Though I love discussions, especially those heated and fueled by passion, my reservations lie in the breakdown. The inevitable posturing interfere at the point of growth and discovery between the parties, we too often forget. By letting one's ignorance compensate for insecurity, the hyperbole and name-calling grows, the true progress makes way to selfish misconceptions and eventually neither side comes away having learned something. A waste of time and energy to say the least. (This is by no means aimed at anyone, merely observational ranting)

    @alcomposer "As a musician it is very 'intune' with the music." Thanks for noticing, glad to hear someone appreciating something very intentional;)

    @atticusd Yep, everything was in-camera, shot as is. No color change in post, just the zoom in and slow-mo. The tear drop was very real...It was very windy:D

    @stefanos Agreed, must continue. Honing the basics as of now, drawing out emotions. I've proposed a challenge for myself, that being to NOT shoot a narrative. I'm focusing on small vignettes, very basic but fundamental. Like a swimmer practicing his kick. I believe as filmmakers, shooting something with multiple, complex, and often ambivilent emotions is simple. Creating a piece that draws one or few specific emotions is truly the challenge. Granted, this is relative as the former concept is by no means "simple."

    What do you guys think?

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