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Brand film produced on minimal budget - partly shot on GH4
  • So excited. My first ever brand film was just launched.

    My journey in helping Tuxera to humanize their brand started in early October 2015. From the very beginning, it was clear that our limited budget meant that we had to be innovative, both in terms of story and actual production. We decided to go for a mix of carefully selected stockfootage and combine it with some powerful low key footage from the Tuxera lab, which we shot with a GH4 on a shogun.

    I hope this film will help Tuxera to get closer to the billions of people powering their devices with their ground breaking software.

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  • The only problem I see is that Tuxera's products, NTFS drivers for the Mac, have no bearing on any of the clips in your film. None whatsoever. Name one. Don't name the ipod jogging shot as the ipod doesn't have the drivers in it. Otherwise, nice editing of stock footage.

  • @radikalfilm Only seen your comment now. Regarding Tuxera's products, their embedded file system is almost on every electronical device on this planet => Every Second, 3 new devides with Tuxera are released to the market =>

    What you refer to is just one of their products.

    Our main goal was to make the invisible visible. They are one of the fastest growing software companies in the EMEA region and we wanted to help them to humanize their brand and bring them closer to the billions of people powering their devices with their ground breaking software.

    Yes, we did use mostly stock footage and blended it with shots from their Lab, as it worked for our concept and story.

    Cheers for the comment.

  • Hi Chris, I didn't mean to pick on you. Having said that :) I am an embedded/electronics engineer by training, and I didn't know they also make exFAT embedded drivers (not an earth shattering tech by any stretch). So, if I, as a supposedly informed individual, didn't connect any dots watching your movie, and didn't feel like it connected with the company in any way (or made it clear what the fuck it was all about in the first place), what does that say about the concept/script? Just saying.

  • I just re-watched, knowing they make exFAT embedded drivers. I didn't connect the baby tortoises at all, except if you mean the off-screen camera taking the images. I am being facetious but you get my point.

    I would have a hard time as well with the subject.

  • @radikalfilm First of all, never felt like you pick on me. I put this project on this forum for a reason, to get feedback. I really appreciate your comments.

    TUXERA BRAND PROMISE - MAKING LIFE EASIER: Embedded in your smartphone, your TV, your car and many other devices around you, we are the invisible force that ensures you can enjoy every single second of your life.

    General thoughts: "Your brand isn't about your products, services or features. It's about what people experience when they use them"