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Vivaldi Largo
  • The cantabile slow movement from Winter, Vivaldi's Four Seasons; 2x ax100, 2x PV~G7.

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  • Beautifully recorded. What's on the tall boom?

  • The 40 is not a perfect mic, but it is very quiet and very consistent. It sits somewhere in between the very accurate small capsule mics and the very fuzzy beer can mics. The high output doesn't stress the gizzards of portable recorders.

  • That was really nice. I see you're having fun with your Sony's and Pany's. LOL.

    What mixing board did you use for all those mics?

  • +1 Very good.

  • @drdave - crossed pair?

  • @mrbill you know, I never use crossed pairs--I use ORTF, NOS or Faulkner arrays, or something in between. The MKH 40s don't like to go much beyond 90 degrees, but they aren't that happy at 8", I think these were about 11" at 90 degrees, and then the flankers have to have a fairly precise delay and no more than 14 degrees pan, depending on how the DAW handles the pan. It looks like it shouldn't work, but it usually works OK.