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Offshore Film - GH4 24-105 Lens and a gopro | Head to Sea : Heart at Home


    Very happy with this film produced for an oil company to commemorate over 35 years of production in the North Sea, and to wish everyone a Merry Christmas.

    Filmed with only a GH4 with speedboosted 24-105 lens and a gopro. (Had to travel light due to airfreight restrictions) No sliders, stablisers or even a monopod (deck vibrates constantly)

    Even timelapse shots had to be warp stabilised to cure some of the movement (caused by crashing waves and high winds)

    Hope you all enjoy.

    1280 x 777 - 173K
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  • I liked the film, great colors and the heli shots where Dope! I'm looking into getting an IS "Do it all" lens OR a stabilised OMD body, what is your opinion on the canon 24-105 for video, and OIS performance on the metabones SB?

  • Thanks Adam for the comments. Helicopters are quite easy to film, they always look awesome I think.

    Seriously for £400/$600 I can't believe how well the lens performs. Basically giving you a 36-140 full frame equivalent field of view at f/2.8. Light wasn't an issue for me out here but obviously if filming in low-light this could be an issue. The IS is outstanding, i was using the standard viewfinder on the GH4 and I think it would be even better with a Kamaran QM 1 or something to help stabilize the image even further.

    Sometimes i find that the communication between the speedbooster and lens would fail on the IS when i initially turned the camera on. Flicking the on/off switch on the lens cured this immediately and it was pretty obvious when it happened when looking through the viewfinder.

    For me the images are acceptably sharp at 4k, nothing startling but definitely good. Lens seemed to perform best at around f/5.6

    The speedbooster does produce some quite unusual flares when pointed directly at a bright source. See the title image above for what I mean, i dont mind it, in some shots I actually liked it. If someone was anti flare then this would not be a good option.

    You might not find the lens wide enough, at 36mm it is difficult to capture some shots, but again depends on personal preference.

  • Thanks for your reply! Yes 36mm is not very wide, you did maybe complement with gopro wide shots? My fear with this lens would be that 36mm is somewhat "mid range" so I would have to change lenses quite a bit between the 24-105 and a wide like the tokina 11-16. All my gear was stolen so i have to start over with frugal solutions, quite a pain!