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TRD Beholder DS1 and EC1 gimbals for Canon/Nikon DSLR
    1. The DS1 arrives pre-programed and ready to use out of the box. It can be used to shoot any angle auto Reverse for low angle short.

    2. 32bit Dual IMU sensors allows precision stabilization.

    3. The DS1 payload is 4.8 lbs allowing lot lens to be mounted. Tool less adjustment pitch, roll and yaw.

    4. 3 axis joystick controls 2 axis pitch and yaw one axis mode selection for system correction.

    5. Retail price 690usd, release day September 15, 2015.

    Information provided by Team Rebel Design.




    600 x 800 - 60K
    600 x 800 - 63K
    640 x 852 - 14K
    640 x 852 - 19K
    640 x 852 - 18K
    640 x 853 - 54K
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  • That looks great. Same 18650 batteries?

  • Yes, 18650 batteries.

  • Beholder DS1 or the PILOTFLY H1+? which one should I buy? Both would work with a Samsung NX300 with a wide angle pancake lens, the idea is to eliminate the use of a Steadycam Merlin.

  • Given that the DS1 release date was supposed to be yesterday, it seems unlikely that a lot of people have put hands on it so I'm guessing there won't be a lot of good comparisons available yet.

  • who is selling this?

  • I'm a distributor in Israel. Just got 1st units DS1. Not balanced yet heavy cameras on DS1, need step by step configuration. DS1 little bit different from MS1. I'm using MS1 (GH4+AF prime lenses) until now and happy with it.

  • I'm using Beholder MS-1 ... for cameras up to 800g. It works well with NX500 and GH4 + 14-140 (1100g) etc. ... for 4K videos.

  • I can confirm again, but my GH4 with 14-140 (new version) is only 860-870g (which is already above MS1 limit, but barely).

  • Anyone get one of these yet? I am interested in how the auto PID running works?

  • I'm very much interested to try this one out!

  • Are there any DS1 out there, or they're just in pre-order fase?

  • I just got word that mine that I pre ordered will be shipping out today. I'm only buying it because I need a gimbal for an up coming travel and want something light and small. I plan on selling it when I return. But from the videos of it that I have seen, the DS1 could be quite good.

  • I got mine a couple of weeks ago. So far so good. I would say this a must have for any guerilla filmmakers.

  • Mine came in. First impression, easy to balance and work great. I bought it for a trip in a dry hot environmental so I hope it works great as it has so far. I wish it had a battery indicator though that tells you if the battery is running low when using the gimbal. Also a wall charger for the battery. Charging is done through a computer USB, except you buy a wall charger which I intend to do. Otherwise, so far so good.

  • Just a little update: If you're using a lighter camera like the GH4 and you do a lil tuning of the PID which is relatively easy (hardest part is figuring out the drivers and GUI to install) this thing is amazingly stable. Will post up some footage at some point when I have time. I have used the DJI ronin-M before and after this small tuning, this DS1 is way better.

  • My GH4 is waiting for this! Please, share your settings. I'm hoping to use the android app (via bluetooth).

  • @HillTop1 - did you ever sell the gimbal or am I a bit previous?

  • @mrbill, I will put it up for sale early January when I get back to the states. Right now I'm using it for a documentary shoot in Africa. So far it's working great!!

  • Break a leg for the rest of the shoot

  • @HillTop1 What drivers did you install (I'm running Windows)? I just got a Beholder DS1 and I can't get it to hook up with my computer at all. Downloaded the ones here: but they don't work.. I've had the Nebula/Pilotfly/Came and all were able to connect fine. I don't know what's wrong with this one.

    Edit: I just realized that there's a hidden micro-USB port right up front / under the camera that is supposed to be used to connect it to the computer. So I was plugging it into the wrong port, but its covered by some hex screws. Do you happen to know the size?