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Sony A7r II new 4K FF beast with 5 axis stabilizer
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  • Wake up Panny :/

  • Lack of h.265? Which editing software supports h.265? It might be standard in a couple of years, but right now h.265 from the camera is going to be seen as a detraction rather than a feature, due to lack of software support and slow processing.

  • "What did you not understand about Stabilization. The Sony A7II 5 axis is awful, you think its gonna be radically different?"

    That's an easy yes I expect they should have made improvements.

    Two it was a difficult feet to do full frame but at the super 35 crop it has the potential to be easier to improve.

    Three My question went unanswered as to whether the lens stabilization and camera stabilization worked together in early models. If the answer is no this could also improve things. John Brawley found on the EM5 II that an external stabilizer and the olympus IBIS complemented each other interestingly enough. So I am curious to know more about what Sony is doing. In the end it's out of my budget but it's interesting to see where the technology is going.

  • Personally i think the camera is a grate achievement not only for the engineer's and Sony, also for Sony

    This little piece of equipment, we are lucky to have, the amount of power it has, in such o compact body is completely impressive. OF COURSE there will be faults, but the overall performance of this beast is just very lucky for us to have. The yield of staked sensor is complicated and there are several ways of obtaining the stack. I have investigate last year and is very pleasant new for having the opportunity to have a full frame one on time to come.

    That staked sensor, it controls every pixel, it can emulate a white pixel, can improve readout, the dynamic range for such a big sensors huge, stabilization on sensor. I tell you directly user, If you own this camera and dont make impressive images dont lucking waste the time of others and go solo, and dont post your test for us. NO MORE EXCUSES FOR THIS CAMERA, is a beast in its way. The GH4 is fucked and i no se any advantage putting global shutter or less pixels. V-log not lite 10 bit internal. But wont happen Now is th real s is the But wont happen Now is th real s is the res pos ability of the cinmeatografer to select the correct lenses and achieve.

    No more excuses to make bad imaging.

    GH4 is well balanced but it has been fucked. Lets face it Sony has better tech, and panasonic is too conservative. If they put REAL 10 bit to GH4 no the shit load the put on it which is practicaly the same image. Newly tech 4/3 sensor, full frame m4/3 6k, 4k, bitrate, 200mps, multi aspect ratio like GH2 GH1offered, professional shit and make it expensive, Small sensors has it advantages but.... this thing is gonna be on top demand and for good reasons. Please Sony, dont fuck the firmware.

    I have a personal taste for GH2 its texture with different patches are for real, it grades like a king, and the images are very organic, beautiful 1080p i would say the best 1080 arround from 5k$

    On Sony is the opposite, is clinically made image and has no soul as always but is so real that is hiper real, must make it go parallel a little from selection of lenses haerd work for the DOP and post production good color pass and and voula.

    Lets wait for more images and not being impressed by the resolution.

  • The A7RII sensor is only BSI, not stacked (with the embedded DRAM) - the stacked sensor is in the RX10 II and RX100 IV.

  • @Scott I'm hoping I'm wrong about the stabilisation. Am I right in saying the Sony 5Axis system presently works as a inbuilt and lens combination? If they put it all inbuilt then I'm hopeful at least. Like I said if its the same 5 Axis system its pretty unusable in video mode. I did see a Youtube clip that compared it to the Olympus system, didn't come close...

  • Sony have laid down the gauntlet, and Canon must go back to the drawing board.

  • The end is near. ;-)

  • more specs out at last on adorama's site

    booya YCbCr 4:2:2 8bit/ RGB 8bit through HDMI not even 10bit for godssake

    Err.. that's disappointing. Internal has to be 4:2:0. Not impressive. All the rest is party tricks if the image doesn't grade well. Maybe it's meant to be a media acquisition camera- which is fine.

  • This is what I'm talking about, Olympus is practically a steadicam....Sony not so much IF its the same system. Olympus once they get fully get their act together is the system to buy into I think.

  • Actually the EM5 mkii has EVEN better stabilisation than the above clip on the EM1.

  • Only S35 in 4K doesn't have binning, all the rest have. That's pretty disappointing.

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  • I own the a7ii rather than a7s as I take pictures often as well as video. The stabalizer is great for both ! I have not compared it to other systems but it's a big improvement if I turn it on and off to test. Plus I use canon fd lenses a lot for video so having it in the body is a big deal for me. Only down side is moire on the a7ii... So a fix for that in s35 and in 4k too is very tempting. The only decision for me is do I wait to see what the a7s ii will bring ! I do 60% video 40% photography work roughly

  • Good interview

    DE: My first quick question: I had always understood that backside-illumination was much more of a factor for really small sensors, and that you get progressively less advantage as they get bigger. Now I guess with 42 megapixels, the pixels are still maybe small, but I was surprised that there would be enough extra benefit to go to the trouble of BSI

    KM: It is [a] small [benefit from BSI]. Let me explain about why we chose this size. I didn't decide on 42 megapixels first, then the sensor was created. When we created these devices, I prioritized ... I don't like to lose sensitivity, compared to the 36-megapixel [sensor], right? And also, I really wanted to realize 4K movies. They have to read/write faster, right? So 4K movies had to just fit, and also ISO sensitivity should be better than 36-megapixel sensors. So how many pixels is the best pixel size? Let's calculate it! That was the process. From that, the conclusion was that 42-megapixel was the best pixel size to realize 4K movies...

  • Another QnA

    Will the a7R II replace the a7S in terms of image quality at high sensitivity?

    No! We were told that at the same high ISO number, the a7S will outperform the a7R II. The a7R II is “ideal for mostly still photographers who want to shoot videos and 4K from time to time, but videographers will still want to use the a7S in low light conditions”

  • Preorders work now

    Just think if you need one actually :-)

  • Sony should talk to the Panasonic engineers about their secret sauce for extended battery life. The GH4 has crazy long battery life compared to my A7s.

    Would that at all be related to the smaller sensor perhaps?

  • Triple test: AF + adapters.

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  • The info under the horse shot says Nikon D810? Typo maybe? Either way that is a gorgeous woman. Wow.