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DaVinci Resolve 18 and older 17 and 16
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  • I have had program lock when browsing the new Lut browser tab, changing from one lut to another

  • Why complain here about beta software being unstable? It sounds like you already did the right thing by opening tickets with Black Magic. You can still download version 14 which is generally stable.

  • Eatstoomuchjam, I don't think anyone is complaining about DaVinci Resolve - Sammy and Andyharris are just responding to my specific request for info on the latest beta versions and I am grateful for their replies. I also run (the free version of) Resolve 14 and I feel even more grateful to Black Magic for giving us all this terrific program.

  • @G3550D I am running R15b4 on a 2015 iMac i7, 4GB graphics osx 10.13.2 without any issues. There are a few bugs in this release but nothing that stops my colour grading workflow. I don't use Fusion or Fairlight as they are not as good as the other standalone apps I currently use.

  • Audio from clips shot on gh1 not importing to timeline with davinci 15 for some reason here, only video..Correction, audio is being imported, its just has no sound or waveform, just straight line.. Vegas pro has no issues with them

  • @sammy

    Can't be some problem with Dolby license?

  • Video by Andy about small real example of Beta 15 usage

  • Yesterday I had R15B5 running from six in the morning through to nine in the evening without a crash. I'm using on a real project as far as I can - Disclosure: I'll need many titles and callouts, so FCPx may have to be used in the end.

    I'm beginning to think that I've found a slightly better workflow. In fact most tutorials show how to do something but not an end to end project.

    Here's my current thoughts about how to get through a project as fast as possible:

    • Import all your clips/sound/images
    • Sort out all the good takes and then arrange these on the timeline
    • Edit (without any effects or grades or anything!) to tell the story you need.
    • Sort the sound out at this stage (because you'll still have real-time playback)
    • Once the story flows, add the plates/background/images to the timelime
    • Now join the 'stacked' clips together into Fusion Clips
    • Do all the Fusion things, like tracking and chroma keying
    • Use the limits on the Delivery sections to render very small parts of your project to check that effects work.
    • Now Colour Grade
    • Render small sections to check
    • Once you are happy, set Delivery for the whole project, start the render
    • Go to Home/Bed/Dinner/Vacation - that render is going to take some time.

    The problem with this approach is that you need to have faith that the clips you've chosen are good enough for the Fusion compositing stage. In reality, you may end up with some 'pre-test' projects -- the good news is that you can cut and paste Fusion node structures.

  • Just a heads up for documentarists who are already using 15(beta).

    There is this feature now of trimming GOP formats too with the Media Manage function, which should be great for those with a very high shooting ratio, like wildlife or such. Unfortunately it has two bugs, one with a workaround.

    1. It stops as soon as it encounters a H.264 file in MP4 wrapper, even if H.265 in MP4 works fine (at least out of a Samsung camera, a DJI drone's HEVC is killing the beta). You can re-wrap your footage into MOV, a fast process without any loss of image quality, to make it work. Unfortunately, while Resolve can read the TC from MP4 (like out of Sony A7S), but most cheap tools for re-wrapping don't. From my experience only Kyno does, but that's a bit expensive.

    2. If you happen to use two overlapping parts of one source in your timeline, Media Manage will only keep the first one. Ouch! Two separate parts are preserved as expected though. Handles and everything else working fine.

    Maybe someone with a cheap tool for re-wrapping that preserves TC could chime in on that.

    P.S. After some experimentation I found a solution for number 2 as well. If you drag one of those overlapping clips back from the timeline into the media pool, making it a virtually independent clip, the whole footage needed is in the trimmed version.

    P.P.S. The little program MP4toQT (both for PC and Mac) is keeping the TC out of Sony mp4, but it crashes with GH5 mp4 files. Retaining the TC is crucial if you want to roundtrip between programs.

  • 1.It stops as soon as it encounters a H.264 file in MP4 wrapper, even if H.265 in MP4 works fine (at least out of a Samsung camera, a DJI drone's HEVC is killing the beta). You can re-wrap your footage into MOV

    Yep, very rare format :-) Testing is strange at Black Magic.

  • Actually, that specific DJI footage is bringing down QT player too and even VLC. It can be transcoded by Resolve, though.

  • Resolve 15 is out of beta since today!

  • Actually, it's never out of beta ;-)

    Well, seriously, if you don't skimp on hardware, it is pretty stable now. Just save frequently if you go into the Fusion tab. The integration of Fusion is a huge project, BM themselves state that it'll take 12-18 months (counting from NAB 18).

  • Little on new Davinci

  • Resolve 15.2 released

    Key new features

    • Improved Edit timeline performance and responsiveness
    • Support for improved visual animations when editing the timeline on the Edit page
    • Support for a visual keyboard customization utility to find, add and modify shortcuts
    • Support for per-module customizable shortcuts, including module specific actions and context menus
    • Support for showing the currently focused module in the user interface
    • Support for displaying duplicate frame ranges for clips on the timeline on the Edit page
    • Support for cleaning up and flattening video tracks on the Edit timeline
    • Support for adding, editing and exporting custom keyword sets from the keyword dictionary in the Workspace menu
    • Support for option to export gallery stills using the still label name
    • Support for ResolveFX Beauty in DaVinci Resolve Studio
    • Support for ResolveFX Blanking Fill for portrait videos
    • Support for VCA groups
    • Support for FairlightFX Multiband Compressor
    • Support for FairlightFX Stereo Fixer
    • Support for decoding Panasonic 8K SHV clips in DaVinci Resolve Studio