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GH4 White balance Cine D
  • I was doing some filming of my kids in the garden this morning and was playing around with the kelvins. I noticed something when looking back at the footage. Generally if I'm outside and its a bright day I dial in 5600k. Skin tones always looks a little bit too orangey - its been mentioned before in numerous posts. Today I tried swapping between 4400 and 5600k and noticed that 4400 looks absolutely perfect colour wise, skin tones wise, everything, which 5600 looks very orange.

    My cine D settings are 0, -5, -5, -5, 0. Everything else is default.

    From now onwards - I'm using 4400k for daylight shooting

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  • Sunlight colour temp. will change during the day. That's why sunsets look warmer than midday.

  • I'm still in the testing phase, but it seems the GH4 has the same weird Sunlight vs Tungsten characteristics as the GH2

    That being said; with Cine D there's also that similar green tinge that us GH2 guys are so familiar with. When I first saw it, I thought... "Oh, god here we go again." But comparing it to the other profiles, it still (to me) produces better results than the other profiles in grading.

    And as i explained in the other thread... 4300k has been my goto WB for several years when shooting digital.

  • @shian Do you mean 4300 no matter what, and then adjust in post? Or only for specific situations?

  • Kinda depends. I know it really well, and what I can do to move it around in post. I suggest experimenting with it. Shoot the same shot using a variety of WB values and play with them in post. See what works best for you.

  • ^^^ keeping in mind the differences in the color response laid out in the sunlight v tungsten video. That certain colors will be transposed in the luminance scale in sunlight.

    Also I'm finding that over exposure on skin tones in sunlight is easier to correct than overexposure in tungsten light. Both can be reigned in as long as the detail has not peaked, but in tungsten light it doesn't look as natural as the same correction in tungsten light.