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Super Sharp ISCO Anamorphic + GH4 + 4kUHD
  • I found a bit of free time to try out this camera & lens combo. The super sharp ISCO Anamorphic Ultra Star (2x squeeze) and my GH4 shooting at 4kUHD. The video file has been re compressed 3 times including youtubes compression. Try to watch in HD.

    My base lens that the ISCO was screwed onto was my good old manual Olympus 50mm f1.8 (OM) EXTRA INFO - because my Olympus 50mm was adapted for a canon mount i also had a Canon to M43 adapter fitted to the GH4. Picture profile was CineLike-D. 4k Footage was imported and edited in Davinci Resolve 11 Lite. When exporting from the 4k timeline to a Mp4 master file the blacks were pulled down slightly, even when i had the correct export setting like 'DATA' value instead of 'VIDEO' value, so the footage should have been Flatter looking. Thanks for watching.