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my last music video in 4K anamorphic :)
  • Here is my last music video of JAZill (Lisa Bandy) on GH4 anamorphic, enjoy :)

    GH4 photomode 4K UHD 16/9 25p + 96fps FHD mode, all export in 24p Dciné mode -2 -5 -5 +0 Lumetri cine1 and cine2 color correction on Premiere Qioptiq 35mm f1.6 MeVis-C C-mount lens with baby Hypergonar 1.75x anamorphic lens SLR Magic +0.33 and +1.33 diopters. Manomi +3 diopter from 200 to 1000 asa

    4K version downloadable here on Vimeo (for members) or watchable on youtube :

    Lisa Bandy youtube and facebook