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Music Video Shot on GH4
  • Here is a music video I just finished. Shot on the GH4 with kit lens, nikon 50mm, Rokinon 7.5mm, Rokinon 16mm.

    I would love to hear what you think, other than your opinion on the music itself.

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  • well, it is certainly a cool setting. from a technical perspective, obviously, it has a very digital video look. not "filmic" - but you werent shooting for that, I suppose. I think to stay with the theme, you could have done it a lot brighter - more lights, brighter lights- and more punchy looking. i.e. more saturation, maybe even dressed them up more funny and bright. And if you're going for the GH4, upload it in 4K, for gods sake. :-D

  • brant_moore First off - love it.(and also love the music). Love how you do kid with arm over face, he blows candles, and then we blast right in to band going full tilt....that was cool. I would've preferred the first 8 seconds be a static tripod locked off shot. I think the framing you have at 7-8 second mark would be perfect if you could just possbily go back and shoot that over, that would be cool. Also the singing when we see house from oustide is too low volume. Maybe increase that volume, and lower the sound of passing cars. I'm not sure about the ending, but it had a kinda cool feel. All in all, really good video. I like the GH4 look here. Well done. Thanks for posting.

  • Thank you both for the honest critiques and kind words!

    Fatpig - Adding saturation for that punchy look would be easy to try in editing, I will definitely try this. Everything is straight out of the camera except the 2 gopro angles. At the time of shooting the band and I thought we would want the balloon pops in slow motion so I shot some of the takes in 60p. This is why there isn't a 4k upload. In hindsight I would've shot everything in 4k and done just that.

    Matt_gh2 - I can try your suggestion for the beginning. When I shot that I made sure to have enough tails, so the footage is already there. I will also try your suggestions for the audio before we get into the house. Thank you for everything you said, I'm glad you liked it!