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Indoor Climbing is a sport
  • We had our first climbing comp of the season this past weekend. Climbing in our region is growing very rapidly now. We had over 70 kids competing in one of our smaller venues.

    If you haven’t tried indoor climbing before you should. There are climbing gyms in almost every major city in the U.S. and even some in the smaller cities. It is a great low impact sport that really challenges the athlete to use their brain’s to figure out the problem as well.

    If your kids don’t like team sports then climbing might be right for them. Check out your local gym or let me know if you can’t find one near you and I will try to locate one for you.

    Camera Note: I really need a wider angle lens for these types of events. I was going to buy the 12-35mm for my GH4 but I decided to just get the LX100 instead. These venues are very dark so I need as fast a lens as possible. The LX100 with is Optical Power I.S. should be perfect for these types of events.

    Everything was shot in Shutter Priority with Auto ISO. Hopefully, Panasonic will add the min shutter speed setting so I can switch to Program Priority with Auto ISO and gain more aperture control.

    I up-converted to 1440p for YouTube. Auto Focus for 4K @ 30 FPS just isn’t where it needs to be yet.

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  • Why did you upconvert? Do you use a process that does more than just smooth out the jaggies? Just curious.

  • I upconverted because YouTube allocates more bandwidth to 1440p than 1080p. It is more about final delivery compression than detail or resolution.

    I actually think that youtube's 1440p compression is very good. @1440p it looks very close to the original even though it is at streaming bit rates.

  • Ahh I see, but this is only if 1440p res is selected in youtube, right? It doesnt make 1080p look any better, does it?