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GH4 Issues topic
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  • Honestly, I have seen issues in the GH2 and GH3 at release before. With the GH4 I haven't seen any issues at all. There are things like a min shutter speed for Program Priority mode that I would like to have seen but I have not encountered any true defects.

    Here are some of the issues I saw with the GH2/GH3 that have been resolved for the GH4. This is almost more important than what doesn't work now. This is what has been fixed.

    1. EVF is definitely not as susceptible to off axis viewing issues.

    2. 3rd Party batteries work even for power meter.

    3. You can adjust the PASM mode for video when you save it as a custom menu setting. With the GH3 if you saved a manual movie mode with the Shutter Priority setting in a custom slot it would not allow you to change it to any other PASM value. It would show that it was changed but not actually change it.

    4. The blackout in single exposure mode is not exorbitantly long with higher ISOs in the GH4.

    5. The GH4 can do 60 FPS ETC mode at 1080p.

    6. Rolling shutter in Electronic Stills mode is acceptable for almost any situation now.

    7. I.Dynamic is now a discrete setting for High, Med, and Low. Only Auto will dynamically adjust the dynamic range compression. There was no Auto setting on the GH3. All settings were basically an Auto setting for that camera.

  • This seems like a bug to me: when using an AF lens in AF mode you can half-press the shutter release and manual focus, but focus peaking doesn't work even if it's enabled.

  • Here's a video illustrating the audio buzzing and how it is affected by different camera functions:

  • The monitor issues have been reported as being due to different frame rates being output via hdmi to those selected on the camera. For instance 1080 25p selected, and 1080 50p being output over hdmi. It would be great if anyone is in a position to verify - thanks in advance

  • I experienced a camera crash this past weekend while shooting stills in 3 shot bracketing mode. The camera told me to turn off the power then turn back on. I did as instructed and experienced no further issues.

  • Remote Trigger Port not working for photos:

    I tested out the 2.5mm remote trigger jack (with a tethered remote as well as my Edelkrone timelapse slider) and the GH4 seems to only take video when triggered. I've tried it in every mode and they all just record video.

    In the settings, I set the Video Button to OFF (custom menu, second option on screen 7/9). When my remotes send a signal to the GH4's trigger port, the display says "Video button is set to OFF in the custom menu"

    I'm trying to get timelapse slider shots (triggered by the slider), so it needs to trigger photos, not video. Does anyone have the same issue?

  • @mpgxsvcd The new auto ISO in Manual Mode has not been implemented properly in my view as exposure compensation is disabled. There is no way to adjust the exposure other that to take it out of auto iso which defeats the purpose.

  • I sometime use my field monitor when composing still photos, unfortunately, it look like this locks all photos into a 16:9 aspect ratio, not sure if this can be fixed

  • @SeekingHeartwood Yeah, I hate this. Same issue on GH3.

  • @kupchenpo - except GH3 does not have Auto ISO in Manual Mode.

    Similar to the Exposure Compensation issue noted above, the AF/AE LOCK will only lock focus (AFL) when in Manual Mode (PASM=M), Advanced Manual pg 159. Now that the GH4 has Auto ISO option available in Manual Mode, the AF/AE LOCK function should also include exposure lock (AEL) when Auto ISO is engaged in Manual Mode so that ISO can be locked. The AF/AE LOCK button does work this way with Auto ISO in other modes (PASM=S for example) - assuming you have the AF/AE LOCK button configured to lock exposure in the Custom menu, of course.

    In short, there needs to be a way to lock AutoISO (AEL) and a way to set the exposure value (+/- Exposure Compensation)) that the AutoISO will target when in Manual Mode.

  • Another issue with my gh4 is that the orientation horizontal sensor is off by 30 degrees in landscape. Strangely it is fine in portrait mode. I'm guessing this is a fault with mine as opposed to general.

  • @nod - you tried a Reset while the camera is sat on a flat surface! Haven't heard of that issue before!

  • @thetrickster no such luck although I did discover it works fine in landscape mode upside down. WEX photo saying they will replace but none currently in stock.

  • Zebras seem to be based off of the displayed image rather than the effective aperture/shutter speed.
    STEPS to reproduce:
    Set PASM to M
    Set speed/aperture to greatly overexpose image

    Set Constant Preview ON: blown-out image with zebras
    Set Constant Preview OFF: properly exposed image without zebras

    zebras based on speed/aperture in both cases

  • @joesh: Yes, the zebras do appear to be based on the LCD/EVF output. You can see the zebras move around with constant preview off just by moving around a room with different lighting conditions.

    It would be nice if the zebras were tied to the actual exposure. At the same time, in video mode, you get a live view of the current exposure settings regardless of the "constant preview" settings, so zebras will be accurate in that mode (which is what zebras are mostly intended for anyway).

  • Guys Panasonic has a philosophy that while in manual mode you mean to control everything yourself. They finally relented and added Auto ISO to it but don’t expect them to add more than that anytime soon.

    If you want exposure compensation then they expect you to not use Auto ISO in manual mode. This is because the camera can’t change shutter speed or aperture. It could only adjust ISO in that mode. I believe that Panasonic sees exposure adjustment as something that should be done in RAW processing and not done in camera by adjusting ISO.

    If all you can adjust is ISO to achieve the exposure adjustment you want then I would agree that you might as well do that in post processing. Within a stop or two you won’t be able to tell the difference especially at the higher ISOs.

    What they really need to do is add a min shutter speed to Program priority. I would never use anything but Program Priority and Manual with Auto ISO if that added the min shutter speed.

    I still don’t understand why they refuse to put a min shutter speed on the GH line when their LX line has it.

  • @mpgxsvcd To be clear, I'm asking for consistent operation of AutoISO, AEL and Exposure Compensation when the camera is in PASM mode. I personally don't consider addressing inconsistent operation to be adding more, simply addressing an incomplete implementation.

    It would also be helpful if exposure levels/histo/zebras were visible in the viewfinder while manually adjusting ISO. Someone mentioned this was available when using the screen, but I haven't tried that yet. I use the viewfinder almost exclusively.

    I'd also love min shutter speed. Very useful feature on the LX cameras!

  • on my first play have noticed that when AE/AF lock is set in pin point mode, when you hit record it unlocks during recording. just an observation.

  • I'm encountering same issues that I encounter with both of my GH3s. Timecode needs to be reset often.. will be hours off sometimes, not because of gradual drift, but sudden jumps in time. I set my TC to free run and set the value using TOD (time of day). It's because of this feature that I can use these cameras in multi-cam broadcast scenarios. Doesn't have to be perfect - just within a second or two. I notice I can only keep TC set for a few days at a time, at best. Really was hoping this was going to be fixed in the GH4. Will do some more testing, though does not appear to be invoked by frame-rate changes. Just seems random. I love my GH cameras, just wish they held TC better.

    On a somewhat related note, with the GH3, I can use Lumix Link to set the internal time of the camera to be synced with my phone via wifi and can do so with both my GH3s. I can then set the TC to be set according to the internal clock on the camera - boom - synced TC between 2 cameras. Unfortunately, even though I can connect to the GH4 with the Lumix Link app, it gives an error when setting the clock. And in the newer Pany Image App for the GH4, there is no clock setting function :(

  • @sam_rides_a_mtb i'm have the same frustrating experience. have you reached out to Panasonic about this?

  • Panasonic seems to be very responsive via Facebook, given what happened with the audio bug.

  • @SuperSet: What happened with the audio bug? Panasonic replied saying it was due to using non-Panasonic mics which is clearly a red herring (issue is not related to mics) and they haven't made a peep since despite an increasing number of users reporting the same issue.

  • @Jive Don't think there's been a conclusion yet but at least they were quick to engage on the issue. Their FB page seems to be the best route to communicate issues as I've tried talking to their CS over the phone and email and those go into a black hole.

  • I have just received my GH4 and noticed that there are several problems.

    1) The output via HDMI works correctly in 24Hz @ 24p but if I change to 50hz or 60Hz I cannot correctly out put 30p or 25p resepectively on an external monitor. (such as the Atomos Ninja Blade)

    2) How can we request a feature to Panasonic? - To send stop/start triggers and timecode via HDMI. Basically when I connect the camera to an external monitor with a Harddrive (Atomos Ninja Blade) the recording should be triggered via the cameras start/stop button like with all the Canon cameras, but it doesn't work with the Panasonic GH4. Can we please fix this as it's a basic feature.

    3) Can we please have the ability to output 4:2:2 10bit to record externally whilst either recording 10bit internally as a backup to the SD card or at very least record 8bit internally as a backup. Just outputting 10bit 4:2:2 especially with no start/stop trigger is really an inefficient way to work.

    Does anyone else feel the same with these issues as me?